The Lower Right in Daimon, Tokyo

The Lower Right Front

The Lower Right One Paragraph Review If you’re looking for cheap Japanese craft beers that are hard to find to complete your Untappd collection, then you would do well at The Lower Right. With the long happy hour beer prices and the large glasses, it’s a good place to do some afternoon drinking though the prices don’t include tax. Thankfully there …


Baird Takadanobaba Taproom in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Front

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom One Paragraph Review There isn’t much of a surprise with Baird Takadanobaba Taproom – it does exactly what it is supposed to do with the Baird name in the title; however, the cost of the food is the major disappointment. Eat before you go and you won’t be disappointed with the place. Like all of the Baird Taprooms, all …


Closed: On The Table by Goodbeer Faucets in Daimon, Tokyo

On The Table Front

Editor Note: On The Table by Goodbeer Faucets has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake On The Table by Goodbeer Faucets One Paragraph Review On The Table is a distinct change from the GoodBeer Faucets range of bars so don’t go expecting a bar. With only one size of beer too there isn’t much choice for …

Craft Beer Maltan in Kanda, Tokyo

Craft Beer Maltan

Craft Beer Maltan One Paragraph Review Craft Beer Maltan is a funny little bar; it’s a place where I could happily sit and drink for hours on end and chat with the interesting, and slightly eccentric owner, Nakamura-san. It’s quaint and interesting decor reminds me of pubs from the UK from the 70’s and 80’s but the place is incredibly …


Closed: Kura Kura Ji-Beer House in Kanda, Tokyo

Kura Kura Ji-Beer House

Editor’s Note: Kura Kura Ji-Beer has closed. This review is being kept up for posterity’s sake. Kura Kura Ji-Beer House One Paragraph Review Kura Kura Ji-Beer House does its job well but with other bars in the area offering a wider variety of Japanese craft beers at cheaper prices for larger sizes, it has got its work cut out. The …


Sakazuki Brewing in Kita-Senju, Tokyo

Sakazuki Brewing Front

Sakazuki Brewing One Paragraph Review Sakazuki Brewing is a welcome addition with lots of potential to do well though the beers do need to either be aged or better planned out to ensure that customers have something to drink. The prices are cheap for the beer you get and the atmosphere feels like what a brewpub should be like. All the …


Craft Beer Server Land in Iidabashi, Tokyo

Craft Beer Server Land One Paragraph Review If you like cheap beer, and can drink more than three beers, then Craft Beer Server Land is a definite “go-to” place on our list. The inclusion of tax in the prices means that the beers are some of the cheapest going in Tokyo; however, the 380yen table charge means those beers are a …

Craftman Gotanda in Gotanda, Tokyo

Craftman Gotanda Front

Craftman Gotanda One Paragraph Review With 31 taps, Craftman Gotanda has something for everyone – if it wasn’t for the sly charges that aren’t mentioned before you step in. With tax not included and a table charge of ¥324, two or three beers with a friend can easily cost over ¥6000 without realising. Moreover, there is no English menu and …

Closed: BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi in Roppongi, Tokyo

BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongii

Editor’s Note: BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi has closed. This review is being kept up for posterity’s sake. BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi One Paragraph Review If you’re looking for Fujizakura beer in the best possible condition, then BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi is the place to go. However, compared to other bars in the local area, it’s also one of, if not the, the most expensive. Prices don’t …


Shinshu Osake Mura in Shimbashi, Tokyo

Shinshu Osake Mura Front

Shinshu Osake Mura One Paragraph Review Quite simply, if you’re in the Tokyo area and looking for beer, then Shinshu Osake Mura has to be on your list of places to go. It’s cheap, close to the station, non-smoking, includes tax in the price, has a huge variety of beers for sale, open all-day, and has a great atmosphere. Moreover, join …