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Pitman’s in Kiyosumi, Tokyo

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Pitman’s The Bottom Line

Pitman’s has the potential to do well – nice outside drinking area, non-smoking, plenty of decent food on the menu, and some good beers from August Beer Club, as well as in-house brewery too – but at the time of writing, it’s hard to recommend it due to the weird opening hours and not always having food on. While the beers are good, they are towards the more expensive side of Tokyo prices as they do not include tax at all. Thankfully, the lack of table charge helps to make up for this, as does the view along the Sumidagawa. We’ll definitely be back again in the future to see how much it changes from our first visit.

Pitman's Outside
Nice little non-smoking terrace area.
Pitman's Inside
But couldn't get inside

Pitman’s The Full Review

Not much was known about Pitman’s before we came across their Facebook page – a small BBQ place with a brewery attached, though not ready for brewing. Pitman’s is owned by Herofield –  a company that owns and runs outside BBQ sites across the Kanto area, as well as the occasional bar as in Tanaka Beer Hall. The bar / grill had it’s grand opening on April 14th 2017 and though tempted, BeerTengoku tends to avoid opening nights for bars – mainly because they never run smoothly and the special deals that go on often confuse people as to how much they’re really going to end paying for beers and good when the bar’s special prices have long gone.

Pitman’s is located in between Kiyosumi-shirakawa and Suitengu-mae, with the previous probably being the better choice if you’re not into walking. The building itself combines a hotel, bakery, and also the bar – so you could drink, fall asleep in the hotel, and wake up for fresh bread for breakfast the next day. There is both an indoor area, with space for about 50 people inside, and also an outside terrace area, that is open during the sunny weather, and covered up when the threat of rain looms over the river – as it did on the day we went along. Both inside and outside are non-smoking and there is also no table charge according to the receipt we have. The menus had basic English on them for names of beers and food but not much was spoken

Pitman's Menu
Lots of August Beer Club brews on tap
Pitman's Beer 1
August Beer Club IPA Review: https://goo.gl/yIVNGz
Pitman's Beer 2
August Beer Club Pilsner

The beers, at the time of writing, were being supplied by August Beer Club, though with a brewery on-site, there are plans for them to reduce that and begin to focus more on their own. They have the whole range of beers from ABC and came in one size: medium which I would hazard a guess at being about 400ml for ¥900 – though that does not include tax so add on another 8% to that, making them quite expensive for what they are. Of course, when the brewery does open up, we’ll be back along to see how the beers are and how they are getting on. There was no sign of a happy hour nor a beer flight on the menu.


At the time we went, we couldn’t get any food. Why? For some unexplained reason, they decided to close the inside area at one of the busiest moments on a Saturday without any explanation. Suffice to say, BeerTengoku didn’t stick around at Pitman’s for much longer than was necessary – not even a solitary bowl of chips (the American or British kind) were on offer. Since then, Pitman’s did put some pictures up of the BBQ and grilled food they plan to offer but with Hatos and Urban BBQ Smokehouse offering up tasty BBQ in the city, it would be hard to recommend Pitman’s over them.

Pitman’s Details

Open: Daily Morning 7:00-10:00 Lunch 11:00-14:30 (L.O Food & Drink 14:00) Dinner 17:00-23:00 (L.O Food & Drink 22:00)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-5875-8953

Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.herofield.com/bbq/pitmans/


How to Get to Pitman’s

Pitman’s is located in between Kiyosumi-shirakawa and Suitengu-mae, with the previous probably being the better choice if you’re not into walking.

Directions from Kiyosumi-shirakawa
Directions from Suitengu-Mae

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