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Home Bar Review Hare to Ke (Kobe / Hyogo)

Hare to Ke (Kobe / Hyogo)

by Rob
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Hare to Ke : The Bottom Line

Hare to Ke is another one of those places that is style over substance when it comes to craft beer. It’s not cheap and not a place that you’ll want to have more than one beer, but there is a decent number of taps and also a good variety of beers on tap, though annoyingly, they don’t list their beers on tap anywhere, so it can be a crapshoot on the day that you go. It’s cosy and relaxed atmosphere will have you talking with others in the bar so you could easily end up staying longer than expected but make sure you bring plenty of money with you. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also free wifi, with thankfully all prices including tax.

Hare to Ke : Background

Hare to Ke opened in June 2022 and is the first bar in Kobe that is dedicated to both beer and cider in the area. Over the last few years, cider has seen an upturn in popularity in Japan, so it’s great to see more places opening up outside of the main city areas of Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka selling the drink. However, we’re here at Hare to Ke for the beers instead.

Hare to Ke is located in the Sannomiya area of Kobe, and is about a 5 minute walk from the station of the same name. It’s quite easy to miss the bar as well because with it being located on an off-street in the local drinking area, and also because of its grey facade, you may just walk past it, like we did not once, but twice.

Hare to Ke : Atmosphere & Interior

The grey facade that adorns the front of the bar, does carry on a little bit inside of Hare to Ke, with a slight industrial feel going on, with stainless steel, grey piping and walls, along with an open plan kitchen inside. However, it’s the massive mureal inside that gives Hare to Ke some needed colour and atmosphere. As you stand at the counter, it’s hard not for your eyes to wander and spot the random oddities on the poster.


Hare to Ke is mostly a standing bar, with space for around 10 people, though there are a couple of high tables as you enter the bar that have seats for 4 people. It seemed that on the day we went to Hare to Ke, most people were popping in for a beer or two, with a quick chat, then leaving again. With this kind of approach to drinking, Hare to Ke didn’t have any table charge thankfully, more about that later, but also all the prices included tax and the whole place was non-smoking.

Hare to Ke : Beer & Tap Information

Hare to Ke has 10 taps for both beer and cider, with a good range of beers on tap so there is something for everything. The beers come in two sizes: glass (275ml) and pint (500ml). On the day we went to Hare to Ke, there was a Garage Brewing tap takeover, so it would be unfair to judge Hare to Ke on the prices of the imported beers though we should as they do set the prices. And they aren’t cheap but as mentione earlier, the prices do include tax so there aren’t too many surprises at the end of drinking.

Hare to Ke : Food Information

We didn’t get any food on the day but there is a smal selection of bites to eat. The menu is mostly centred around small bites to eat and does have some English on it.

Hare to Ke : Bar Details

  • Open : Tuesday to Friday 17:00 – 24:00 Saturday & Sunday 13:00 – 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drinks 23:30)
  • Closed : Monday
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 090-3945-2273
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : –
  • Social Media : Instagram

Hare to Ke : Location

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