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Korosue (Kobe / Hyogo)

by Rob
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Korosue : Background

I actually came across Korosue from their online shop rather than their actual bricks and mortar shop in Kobe. However, when I was in Kobe, I came across Korosue and didn’t realise it was the same place as the online shop until after I started doing research for it online. And then I discovered that the shop itself styles itself as a whiskey tasting shop, with some other drink options included.

Korosue has two big fridges of craft beer at the front of the store on the right as you go in – you really can’t miss them. The fridge closest to the entrance is dedicated solely to domestic craft beer, while the fridge on the left is dedicated to imports from mostly America, though there were a couple of beers from Belgium and Germany on the day I went.

There’s a good variety of beers in the fridge for Japan, with many popular breweries, such as Vertere, Y Market, West Coast Brewing, in the fridges, alongside some newish ones in the form of Totopia and Inkhorn Brewing, alongside some classics such as Minoh and Ise Kadoya – a good selection from across Japan it seems. You can drink the beers in-store, though that will incur a ¥200 corkage fee per drink, or you can take them away instead.

Korosue : Postage

  • Hokkaido ¥2,376
  • Tohoku / Kanto / Koshinestu / Chubu / Hokuriku / Chugoku / Kyushu ¥1,100
  • Kansai ¥770
  • Okinawa ¥3,168

Korosue : Details

Korosue : Location

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