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Hojo Brewing Information

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Hojo Brewing, or to give the company its full name of Hojo Brewing & Stays, is a Japanese microbrewery located in Shimonanba, on the outskirts of Matsuyama, in Ehime, Japan. Hojo Brewing & Stays opened in July 2022, with their first beers coming out in October 2022. It is located on Tatewiwa beach, combining perhaps two convenient places – a brewery and bar on the first floor of the building and then a guest house on the second – perfect for when you drink a bit too much and don’t want to walk too far to your bed. Hojo Brewing uses imported British and German malts, along with local Matsuyama water sourced from Mt. Otsuki, that can be seen from the guest house.

Hojo Brewing : Lineup

The following are some of the beers we’ve tried from Hojo Brewing:

Hojo Brewing : Information

Hojo Brewing : Location

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