Mie Terrace in Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Mie Terrace Front

The first of (hopefully) many new (short) articles to come is Mie Terrace, an antenna shop based in Tokyo, that is geared towards promoting and selling products from Mie prefecture. The store opened in October 2013. While NewDays stores may, from time to time, sell regional based products, Mie Terrace only sells products from Mie prefecture. Why is that imporant?

Mie Terrace Beers

Good if you want some Ise Kadoya Beer

Well for starters, Mie is host to one of Japan’s oldest craft beer breweries – Ise Kadoya Brewery – among other breweries such as Moku Moku, Nagashima Beer Garden, Ise Port Beer, and Misugi Resort. While there are a few breweries located in Mie, only Ise Kadoya is represented at Mie Terrace at the time of writing, though the owners do expect more to come in when the range of the other breweries begins to expand.

There is also a small cafe next door which sells Mie produce, snacks, and meals, and also serves as a small drinking area though I suggest just getting your beers and moving somewhere else as the cafe was packed on the day we went.

Mie Terrace Details

Open: Daily 10:00 to 20:00

Phone: 03-5542-1033

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.mieterrace.jp/

How to Get to Mie Terrace

The closest station to Mie Terrace is Mitsukoshimae. Come out of exit A6 and the shop should just be across the road from you.

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