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Craft Beer House Schlenkerla in Okayama, Okayama

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Craft Beer House Schlenkerla The Bottom Line

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla is a quaint little craft beer that is more than just a bar based on a smoked beer. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, though the bar owner’s perchant for standing and not moving or talking is a little unnerving at times. However, it is a little on the pricier side and does have a fair bit of Kirin Tap Marche on, so if you can avoid those beers, then you’ll be fine. Despite the name, Craft Beer House Schlenkerla is non-smoking and also does not have any table charges either. There is enough English on the menus to order a beer, but if you want food, then it’s going to be necessary to know some kanji / katakana – though vegetarians are in luck as there are a smattering of options available. There isn’t any WiFi either.

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Front・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラフロント

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla The Full Review

Despite the name, and my initial thoughts of this place being a German beer hall dedicated to all things great about Germany – no laughing at the back, there are lots of great things about Germany I’ll have you know – I wanted to get in and out of the cold. Why didn’t someone warn me that Okayama was going to be cold and wet at this time of year?

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla is one of Okayama’s oldest craft beer bars, having opened in August 2014, and since then, has prided itself on having one of the largest selections of both domestic and imported craft beer on tap. Craft Beer House Schlenkerla is located about 10 minutes from Okayama station and the walk to the bar takes you along the river – one of the nicest walks to a bar that I’ve had – besides Kyoto Beer Lab. Make sure you are looking up though as it’s easy to walk past Craft Beer House Schlenkerla as it is on the second floor and looks a bit dark from the outside. Inside though, there is space for about 20 people at various tables and counter space, with the whole place being non-smoking and also not having any table charges either. However, there isn’t any wifi in Craft Beer House Schlenkerla.

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Beer 1・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラビール1Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Beer 2・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラビール2Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Beer 3・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラビール3Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Beer 4・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラビール4

Despite the name, Craft Beer House Schlenkerla does have other beers on tap – and with a choice of 9 taps on, though some of those are dedicated to Kirin’s Tap Marche system. Beers come in three sizes: half (200ml) from ¥800, regular (450ml) from ¥1300, and the peculiar “man’s” size (1,000ml) from ¥3,000. The beers are well served with freshly washed and rinsed glasses, but there is no happy hour nor any beer flight options either. A shame really as I would have liked to have tried more of the beers in smaller portions as Craft Beer House Schlenkerla was on the expensive side for beers.

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Food・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラ食べ物

In terms of food though, Craft Beer House Schlenkerla isn’t a place to come for if you’re feeling hungry. When we went, there was an option of some smaller dishes and snacks but nothing of substance. Moreover, vegetarians will be out of luck here as most, if not all, of the dishes were meat based. There wasn’t much English either with just some of the beer names in English, and none of the food, so make sure you can read some katakana or basic kanji to help you get through. All of the prices on the menus though do include tax.

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Details

Open: Monday to Thursday 18:00 to Last customer leaves / Friday & Saturday 17:00 to Last customer leaves / Sunday & Holidays 14:00 to Last customer leaves

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 086-953-4138

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

How to Get to Craft Beer House Schlenkerla

The closest station to Craft Beer House Schlenkerla is Okayama Station or Yubinkyoku-mae.

Directions from Okayama Station
Directions from Yubinkyoku-Mae

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