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Fukuoka Craft Brewing Information

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Fukuoka Craft Brewing : Background

Fukuoka Craft Brewing existed before the move to the brewery facilities in 2022, with “Fukuoka Craft by El Boracho” in Daimyo, Fukuoka in July 2017. Their main idea at the time was for the local people in Fukuoka being able to drink well-made local craft beer. Craft beer is notoriously expensive in Fukuoka due to the distances that the kegs and cans have to travel, so bringing it to the local drinkers, at a reasonable cost, was of paramount importance.

The brewery facilities are located in Okagaki town, and Fukuoka Craft Brewing opening in October 2022. The move was helped by having some local connections in the town, and the aim is to make American style beers in the Fukuoka area that can be found not just in Fukuoka and Kyushu itself, but across Japan.

Fukuoka Craft Brewing : Beer Reviews

The following are some of the beers we’ve had from Fukuoka Craft Brewing at BeerTengoku:

  • Fukuoka Daruma – an 8% hazy double IPA that uses Cashmere and El Dorado hops.
  • Fukuoka Daruma DDH – an 8% hazy double IPA double dry hopped, which compared to the base recipe, gives it twice as many hops in the from of Citra and Mosaic.
  • Fukuoka Flying Eagle – an 8% double IPA brewed using Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, and Azacca hops. 

Fukuoka Craft Brewing : Articles

The following are some of the articles we’ve done with Fukuoka Craft Brewing at BeerTengoku:


Fukuoka Craft Brewing : Details

Fukuoka Craft Brewing : Location

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