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Gori Gori Taproom in Roppongi, Tokyo

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Gori Gori Taproom The Bottom Line

Gori Gori Taproom might not offer up any in-house beers, but what they do offer up are cheap beers in Roppongi – perhaps the cheapest by far that we’ve seen – alongside some deliciously huge hamburgers too. While Gori Gori Taproom is more than likely not attracting vegetarians or vegans alike, you shouldn’t knock it for the range of beers. The whole bar is non-smoking, with no table charge, and they have a full English menu – so much so that you can just order from your table and not speak a word of Japanese.

Gori Gori Taproom Inside ゴリゴリタプルーム店内Gori Gori Taproom The Full Review

Roppongi has always been a place I’ve dreaded going to, even though Two Dogs, Ant ‘n Bee, and to some extent Fujizakura, offer up something worthwhile going for, it’s still a place that hasn’t got me excited. Yet when I found out about Gori Gori Taproom, and the combination of hamburgers however you like them, with cheap craft beer, suddenly Roppongi looked like a place I could go to.

Gori Gori Taproom is located towards the west end of Roppongi, along Shibuya Dori, and has been open since July 2016. If you’ve ever been to the Ex theater in Roppongi, then you’ve probably walked past the street that Gori Gori Taproom is on without realising it – I know I have but this time round there was a sign up pointing towards the place. Why does it have the sub-title of “Taste of Tamon’s”? The owner is Tamon Nakamura – one of the first Japanese players to play in the NFL and was running back for the Green Bay Packers and Rhein Fire

Gori Gori Taproom is completely non-smoking, both out the front on the small terrace that leads you in, and also inside the whole building too, from front to back. There is space for about 25 people seating at the back of the shop, with space for another 15 at the front in the standing area. There is no table charge for either sitting or standing too.

Gori Gori Taproom Menu 1 ゴリゴリタプルー メニュー1Gori Gori Taproom Menu 2ゴリゴリタプルー メニュー2

The menus are reminiscent of those found in Izakayas – tablet based with all the ordering controlled through them. The tablets are located on each table and are both in English and in Japanese, though the staff do speak some English and are super friendly too. The only problem is that none of the prices include tax so you need to add that on – but the tablets do that for you. And they also let you split the bill too.

Gori Gori Taproom Beer 1 ゴリゴリタプルー ビール1
Kyoto Ichii Senshin
Gori Gori Taproom Beer 2 ゴリゴリタプルー ビール2
Tokorozawa Cannonball IPA

The beers at Gori Gori Taproom are mostly domestic craft beers, and there are anywhere between five to fifteen taps on at any one time. The beers come in two sizes: small (240ml) at 490 and large (470ml) at 790. There is also a six beer flight of 240ml for 1800 – a bargain if you ask us. While it is a taproom, there are no plans for a brewery.

Gori Gori Taproom Burger ゴリゴリタプルームバーガー

Pic thanks to Ändu Hofmä

The food. Wow. If you’re not a meat eater, then Gori Gori Taproom is not the place for you. Everything is geared towards hamburgers, with some of the largest we’ve seen in Tokyo. They do offer some non-meat snacks, like our staple food of chips, but the prices aren’t cheap for them.

Gori Gori Taproom Details

Open: Weekdays 18:00 – 22:30 Weekends & Holidays 12:00 – 21:30

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6804-2435

Homepage (in Japanese): http://gorigori.beer/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Gori Gori Taproom

The nearest station to Gori Gori Taproom is Roppongi on the Hibiya and Oedo Lines. Take exit number two and it’s a five minute walk with the first right before the Ex Theatre.

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