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Hikone Brewing Information

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Hikone Brewing is a Japanese microbrewery located in Hikone, in Shiga, Japan. Hikone Brewing is located at the base of Mt Kokin and next Sone Marsh, where there is a large amount of non-agricultural land, which led to the development of a sustainable business project in harmony with the natural surroundings. While the brewery is known as Hikone Brewing, it is part of a larger company / brewery called Kojinyama Brewery though locals in the area didn’t seem to know this name when we visited the taproom in October 2022.

The parent company of Hikone Beer Co., Ltd., which manufactures Hikone Beer, is a local construction company called Hashimoto Construction Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1971. The company started selling propane gas for home use in 1951, and later expanded into the construction, building, and real estate industries. In constructing the brewery, Hashimoto Construction invested, as well as funds provided by local companies and local residents. In addition, since the planned site for the brewery was an urbanization control area under the City Planning Act, it was decided to obtain permission as an agricultural processing plant because commercial facilities could not be built.

The brewery opened in April 2021, and their aim is to use as many local ingredients when making beer. For example, the Ishidera Weizen uses wheat harvested from fields near the brewery, and in the future, they aim to create an all-Hikone beer, using home-grown barley and hops that utilize the land around the brewery.

Hikone Brewing : Lineup

The following are some of the beers we’ve had from Hikone Brewing:

  • Hikone Pale Ale – a 5.5% English pale ale that is also one of the flagship beers from Hikone Brewing.
  • Hikone Porter – a 5% American porter.
  • Hikone Tachibana IPA – a 6% American IPA that is named after a species of tree found in the area.

Hikone Brewing : Articles

The following are some of the articles we’ve done about Hikone Brewing:

Hikone Brewing : Details

Hikone Brewing : Location

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