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Chigasaki Beer & Villa (Chigasaki / Kanagawa)

by Rob
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Chigasaki Beer & Villa : The Bottom Line

At the time of writing, Chigasaki Beer & Villa was very much a place of style of substance – the building, both inside and out, looks fancy and well decorated but the beers have some way to go until I’d be trekking down there on a bike and then meandering back to the local station. If the beers do improve, then Chigasaki Beer & Villa will be a great little place to sit and watch the surfers and beach goers. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also some free Wifi.

Chigasaki Beer & Villa : The Full Review

Chigasaki Beer & Villa was not on the list of places I was intending to go to on the day I went out for a ride. I met up with a friend and we were umming and arring where to go. Should we head off to Heiwa in Kugenuma-Kaigan, Kanagawa and drink outside, or go over to Mmm Booze Shop aka Minemart Chigasaki and then pick up some cans to go and drink on the beach? Suddenly, the plan was to go over to Yggdrasil Brewing and have some beers then. We needed to do a quick stop along the way at a 7/11 to fuel up, and as we walked outside, we noticed Chigasaki Beer & Villa – I mean there’s no harm in having a quick beer along the way, is there?

As the name suggests, Chigasaki Beer & Villa is located in Chigasaki city though it’s just on the cusp of the southern most tip of the area. Chigasaki Beer & Villa opened in April 2023 and is about a 20 minute walk away from JR Chigasaki station, though you could get a bus or taxi from the south exit.

Chigasaki Beer & Villa : Atmosphere & Interior

As you walk into Chigasaki Beer & Villa, you are greeted by the first floor brewery, which is nice and shiny with lots of stainless steel fermenters and tanks greeting you. The second floor is the VIP floor – something that is probably used for parties and events, perhaps one day BeerTengoku will be invited there. The remaining floors are the restaurant and bar area, which overlook Chigasaki Southen Beach.


Inside the third and fourth floors are plenty of seats set against the large windows that overlook the beach. There’s space for over 80 peopke inside, with the majority of people being sat at tables, and just a few counter seats available. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also offers up some free Wifi. On the day we went to Chigasaki Beer & Villa, there was a mixture of clientele – couples, solo drinkers, families, and groups of drinkers.

Chigasaki Beer & Villa : Beer & Tap Information

Chigasaki Beer & Villa had 5 taps of craft beer on when we went, though there were 16 taps in total that seemed to be available for use, though I doubt that all 16 taps will ever be in use. Hopefully I will be proven wrong but let’s see. The beers came in one size at the time of writing which was around 300 ml and the cost was from 600 yen, with the price including tax. Unfortunately, the beers seemed to have run out on the day we went, with just the Chigasaki Lager and Chigasaki IPA available. The beers were ok – nothing really worth coming all the way down here for though as the brewery was relatively new when we went, there is time for them to develop.

There is also a four beer flight that was also sold out on the day we went, mainly because two of the beers sold out or kicked when we went. The four beer flight gets you four 150 ml beers for 1,400 yen, not a bad deal considering the price of the regular beers. There are also some bottles that can be bought to takeaway only. Kind of annoying as there were some bottled beers that were not on tap but can not be drunk instore. Though it’s a good option to have as that means you can just pick up a few to sit on the beach with to enjoy.

Chigasaki Beer & Villa : Food Information

The food at Chigasaki Beer & Villa was pretty basic in terms of offering but they had some chips that were thiccc. Proper chunky chips with a dousing of herbs and black pepper on top that went nicely with the cold lager in front of me. In fact, the chips were the highlight of the offerings at Chigasaki Beer & Villa, though other groups did have larger meals so there is that option. There were a few vegetarian options though with Chigasaki Beer & Villa being next to the sea, the biggers dishes were seafood based. In terms of menus, outside of the beer menu, all of the menus were in Japanese only so you may need to go with someone who can read / speak Japanese.

Chigasaki Beer & Villa : Information

  • Open : Sunday to Thursday 7:00 – 22:00 (L.O 21:00) / Friday & Saturday 7:00 – 24:00 (L.O 23:00)
  • Closed : –
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 0467-67-6930
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : https://chigasaki-beer.com/
  • Social Media : Instagram

Chigasaki Beer & Villa : Location

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