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Craft Beer Shop Doppo in Okayama, Okayama

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Craft Beer Shop Doppo The Bottom Line

If you don’t mind drinking in food court with screaming kids and stressed out families, then Craft Beer Shop Doppo is a top-notch little spot to get some early beers in when you’re in Okayama. As you’re also able to get beers to takeaway, it’s a good place to pick up some local craft beer if you don’t fancy making the journey out to their brewery. It goes without saying that the food court that Craft Beer Shop Doppo is non-smoking, has no table charge, and has free WiFi too.

Craft Beer Shop Doppo・クラフトビアショップ独歩

Craft Beer Shop Doppo Details

I was planning on going to the Doppo Brewery out in Okayama; however, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brewery was closed for tours that day, and I didn’t fancy trekking out on the train for 20mins with suitcase in hand to pick up some beers before rushing back to Okayama airport. I had spent the morning walking around the castle and was wanting something cold and crisp considering the weather had finally decided to be nice and sunny for my leaving – just my luck to finally get some nice weather. I had heard about Craft Beer Shop Doppo from Dan (@onemoreguyjin) being a small shop in the Aeon Mall to get some beers with lunch – but it was 10am and I had a flight coming up.

Craft Beer Shop Doppo is located in the Aeon Mall, just south of JR Okayama station on the 4F in the food court. It’s about a 5 minute walk from JR Okayama station and opened in December 2014 due to the demand for local craft beer by tourists. A nice little idea as you can get some craft beer with some food – and that is a big selling point right there. As it’s in the food court, it seems a bit futile to point out how many seats there are, and of course there is no table charge, but there is some free WiFi from Aeon Mall. Just watch out for the screaming kids and shouting parents.

Craft Beer Shop Doppo Beer 1・クラフトビアショップ独歩ビール1Craft Beer Shop Doppo Beer 2・クラフトビアショップ独歩ビール2Craft Beer Shop Doppo Beer 3・クラフトビアショップ独歩ビール3

It also goes without saying that the only beers on at Craft Beer Shop Doppo are Doppo Beers with 14 on tap and a few bottles of their sake as well. The beers come in plastic cups, so they can be drunk in or taken away if you feel like it. The beers come in three sizes: small (275ml) from ¥400, regular (400ml) from ¥550, and then big cup (650ml) from ¥800, with the higher alcohol beers costing more. There is also a beer tasting flight with 3 small beers for ¥1,100 or 5 small beers for ¥1,700 – both good deals if you feel like trying more than a couple of beers on the menu. You can also got bottles to takeaway, though the selection is much narrower.

In terms of food, Craft Beer Shop Doppo does have a few nibbles on the menu, with sausages and some pretzels on the go, but you’re in a food court and can get something else for your money. The menus do have some English on them, as the bar staff whipped out an English menu for me, and the prices do include tax as well.

Craft Beer Shop Doppo Details

Open: Daily 10:00 to 21:00

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 086-206-7141

Homepage (in Japanese): https://aeonmall-okayama.com/shop/detail/278

Social Media: Twitter

How to Get to Craft Beer Shop Doppo

Craft Beer Shop Doppo is located on the 4th floor of Aeon Mall, about 5 minutes from JR Okayama station.

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