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Izu Kogen Marine Town in Ito, Shizuoka

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Izu Kogen Marine Town : The Bottom Line

I guess if you’re in the area, then Izu Kogen Marine Town is a good little place to visit to stretch the legs, grab some food, maybe an onsen, and maybe some beers for someone you really dislike – that’s how bad the beer was when I went. Everything else was acceptable but then you don’t come to a bar to do everything else, do you? Such a shame really when there are few options nearby.

Izu Kogen Marine Town : The Full Review

I had just been for a few beers at Joynt Brewing, but alas, they didn’t have any in-house beers ready for consumption – roll on March 2023 – and I wanted to drink something local that I hadn’t tried before and was nearby. Izu Kogen Marine Town was open, and was about a 15 minute walk along the beach. The sun was out, the shorts were on, so off I went in search of local beers.

Izu Kogen Marine Town is located in the Ito Marine Town, which is alongside Route 135 that runs down the coast of Izu. It is also accessible from Ito station, with it being around a 15 minute walk – not so far!

Izu Kogen Marine Town : Atmosphere & Interior

Izu Kogen Marine Town is located alongside Shiosai Beach, which means you can expect some amazing ocean views if you’re out on the terrace and that’s where you should be when the weather is good. The promenade is perhaps the best place for eating at Izu Kogen Marine Town – let’s leave the drinks for somewhere else. As the promenade is open, you can do some people watching, or perhaps sit with your pet out there – no pets inside though it seems.


Izu Kogen Marine Town has space for around 40 people inside, and another 40 people outside though the terrace is closed in poor weather. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge. Moreover, there is some free Wifi available for you to post your reviews of the Izu Kogen Beers.

Izu Kogen Marine Town : Beer & Tap Information

Izu Kogen Marine Town is a taproom for Izu Kogen Brewery, which is located towards the southern end of Izu at Izu Kogen, and opened in 1997. There are 7 taps of in-house beers on offer, with two sizes available – small (220 ml) from 420 yen and medium (450 ml) from 640 yen, some absolute bargains really considering where you are. There is also a 90 minute nomihodai plan for 2,000 yen. There is also an option for a takeaway beer in plastic cup of 350 ml for 500 yen. All really good prices but it’s just a shame that the beer is awful. Like really bad awful. I had two beers – the IPA and the dunkelweizen – and neither came close to matching the styles. I couldn’t finish the IPA as it was like drinking sludge and the dunkelweizen was almost as bad.

Izu Kogen Marine Town : Food Information

After having some awful beer, I really wasn’t in the mood for some food. If the beer was that bad, what was going to happen with the food. It’s mostly fish based at Izu Kogen Marine Town and some of the portions I saw coming out of the kitchen were huge so I thought, let’s go for chips. And as always, if the chips are good, then the beer is good. Except the chips were overcooked and just dripping in oil. The menus are in Japanese with some English on them and all of the prices include tax.

Izu Kogen Marine Town : Bar Details

Izu Kogen Marine Town : Location

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