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Thrash Zone Tanmachi Brewery (Yokohama / Kanagawa)

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Thrash Zone Tanmachi : The Bottom Line

Thrash Zone Tanmachi is a cosy little place on the outskirts of Yokohama city, though it’s not really worth the trek out with Thrash Zone Yokohama in Yokohama near to Yokohama station. However, if you’re in search for some tasty chilli at specific times of the month, then get on over to Thrash Zone Tanmachi. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge. Moreover, Thrash Zone Tanmachi has just started selling cans of their beer so you can also get some to takeaway.

Thrash Zone Tanmachi : Background

If you’ve been drinking craft beer in Japan for the last 15 years, and you know Yokohama, then no doubt you will have been to Thrash Zone Yokohama for some of their “extreme” beers. That’s now in quotations as their once strong beers could be seen as the norm with so many double IPAs and strong IPAs in existence. But there was a time when you could go to Thrash Zone and get some of the strongest domestic beers in Japan for some cheap prices.

Back in 2022, Thrash Zone Tanmachi was once just a small brewery space where Koichi-san would brew the beers for the two Thrash Zone operations. This small tasting room opened up in October 2022, where locals could get some of the beers on tap fresh at the source. Thrash Zone Tanmachi is located near Tammachi station on the Toyoko Line though you could walk there from Yokohama station.

Thrash Zone Tanmachi : Atmosphere & Interior

The space inside Thrash Zone Tanmachi is small – there isn’t enough space to sit down so it’s standing room only here – and be prepared to rub shoulders with the person next to you as it’s tight in there. There is space for around 10 people inside and that’s a squeeze, though you can stand outside immediately the bar and have a couple of beers, though you’re not allowed to go to the park.


Like Thrash Zone Yokohama, the music here is mostly thrash and metal, but unlike the Thrash Zone Yokohama branch, the music is nowhere near as loud so you can actually hear the person next to you talking.

Thrash Zone Tanmachi : Beer & Tap Information

On the day I went to Thrash Zone Tanmachi, there were three taps of craft beer on and the beers came in one size : 350ml from ¥500. The beers were tasting much better than I remember, though the Tanmachi Ale was the best one of the day, with the IPA being good, and the stout being the Thrashzone World Downfall Stout that has been known to wreck a few nights. Thrash Zone Tanmachi also does growler fills with prices based on 950 ml and 1900 fills. There were also some cans to be bought for takeaway with prices from ¥500 for 330 ml with all prices including tax.

Thrash Zone Tanmachi doesn’t have any happy hour offers on, nor was there an option for a beer flight but with only 3 beers on the menu, it wasn’t a suprise there.

Thrashzone Tanmachi : Food Information

Thrash Zone Tanmachi doesn’t have any food on offer on a daily basis, though at certain times throughout the month, there are a couple of people that come along with their chili and sell it at the store. I must say, the chili was very good and ended up getting some of the gumbo and mixed chili on offer.

Thrashzone Tanmachi : Bar Details

Thrashzone Tanmachi : Location

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