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Batsuji Brewing (Sendai / Miyagi)

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Batsuji Brewing : The Bottom Line

Batsuji Brewing is a work in progress for sure – there is a decent base for them to work on in terms of beer, but I suspect that if the beers just keep selling, then they won’t have any need, or desire, to get better. The bar itself is a nice, spacious place to lose yourself for a few hours, though the moving freeze that is on the wall may screw up your eyes, and brain, after a few beers. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also some free WiFi.

Batsuji Brewing : The Full Review

I had heard about Batsuji Brewing from a friend (Thanks Tim) as the brewer had apparently moved over from another local brewery during Covid-19. Seeing as it was on the way from Nordic back towards the station, I thought it would have been rude not to have popped in and try some locally brewed Sendai beers.

Batsuji Brewing opened in July 2021 and is located about a 10 minute walk from JR Sendai station though if you’re feeling lazy, you can get to the bar from Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station. Batsuji Brewing actually takes its name from the local area, Basho no tsuji, which was the center of transportation, commerce, and finance since the time of Masamune Date in the Sendai area.

Batsuji Brewing : Atmoshere & Interior

As you approach Batsuji Brewing, it’s clear that a lot of money has gone into the place with its gleaming and shiny metal tanks in the big bay windows, and the huge TVs that adorn two of the walls. The walls show the local area in its Date era, with the houses’ architecture of the time on show. Moreover, though it’s a picture, there are some signs of movement on it – something I though was done to me being a little bit tipsy at this point – but yes, if you are there and notice some people, or carts, moving, that is supposed to happen.


Batsuji Brewing has a large area for drinkers, and eaters, with space for around 60 people inside, at various table combinations. If you do go for one of the high tables at the windows, just be warned that they are on wheels, so if they start moving, they’re supposed to. That was a bit annoying for sure, as were the awkward shelves inside of the cart stands that meant I couldn’t quite get comfortable, but that was on me. Thankfully, Batsuji Brewing has no table charge, is non-smoking, and offers up some free WiFi, with the standard signs for free WiFi in Sendai being dotted around the bar.

Batsuji Brewing : Beer & Tap Information

Seeing as Batsuji Brewing is a brewpub, it would make sense for them to have their own beers on tap, and for that, they do. There are 8 taps of beer at Batsuji Brewing, though 6 of those are in-house beers, with the other two being macro offerings. The in-house beers come in two sizes: small (230 ml) for 800 yen and regular (375 ml) for 1,200 yen, which makes Batsuji Brewing rather pricey considering it’s a brewpub. There is also a beer flight that gets you any three 120 ml beers on the menu for 1,400 yen. The beers were generally ok, with the Belgian Pale Ale being my personal standout on the day. I was hoping that there would have been some cans or bottles to takeaway but there wasn’t though they do seem to do growler fills; however, there was nothing on the menu about prices.

Batsuji Brewing : Food Information

In spite of getting here for lunch time, there was nothing on the menu that I wanted to eat – all I wanted was some small tapas like stuff – some beans or chips – but nothing really took my fancy. I get that it’s beneficial for the bar to have some sets, that’s where the money is made, but I was a little saddened that there were no smaller choices. The menus were all in Japanese, except for some random titles in English so you may need to go with someone who can speak or read Japanese. The prices included tax but there didn’t seem to be any vegetarian options on the menus.

Batsuji Brewing : Information

  • Open : Weekdays 17:00 – 22:00 (L.O 21:30) Saturdays 11:30 – 23:00 (L.O 22:30) Sundays 11:30 – 20:00 (19:30)
  • Closed : Wednesdays
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 022-399-7091
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : https://batsuji-brewing.com/
  • Social Media : Facebook / Instagram

Batsujji Brewing : Location

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