Nara Maruhoba-kan in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Nara Maruhoba-kan Front

If you’ve been following our series on antenna shops in Japan, then it may not come as a surprise that Nara is getting in on the action, with this, the seventh in our series, at Nara Maruhoba-kan. Like others in the series, Nara Maruhoba-kan focuses on products from the Nara region of Japan, located just south east of Osaka. Nara has the distinction of having more UNESCO World Heritage Listings than any other prefecture – yet far fewer craft beer breweries than other prefectures, a link perhaps?

Nara Maruhoba-kan Beer Should you go here? Well if you’re desperate for some liquor or sake then Nara Maruhoba-kan is worthy of a visit, but for craft beer? Perhaps not. Only Soni Kougen was on sale when we went, with the other craft beer breweries that can be found in Nara either not bottling or canning their beers. If you want to sit down and have a few beers, you can also do that with a small drinking and cafe area to the side – it’s not going to blow you away but hey, you can now visit three different prefecture stores in the area with¬†Mie and Shimane just either side.

Nara Maruhoba-kan Details

Open: Daily 10:30 – 19:30

Phone: 03-3516-3931

Homepage (in Japan):

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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