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Beer Maison (Fujisawa / Kanagawa)

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Beer Maison : The Bottom Line

Beer Maison is a cosy little place in Fujisawa that doesn’t offer anything new or exciting but something solid – and in a market that is ever changing, it’s good to have some stability in a beer bar. While the beer lineup isn’t the most exciting in the area, the prices are reasonable and there’s always variety on the menu, so don’t expect to see a tap list consisting of just IPAs. The whole place is non-smoking though there is a table charge of 300 yen per person but all the prices include tax so there aren’t too many surprises at the end of drinking. I didn’t notice any wifi on my visits there, but I wasn’t too fussed about it really.

Beer Maison : Background

Beer Maison, or to give it is full name of Fujisawa Beer Shokudo Beer Maison, opened in June 2023, and while it is a craft beer bar, the place itself is actually geared towards selling Pilsner Urquell, with the majority of the PR blurb consisting of being able to serve the beer in different styles. Of course, this isn’t the original Pilsner Urquell that is brewed in Czechia, but the Asahi beer that is brewed under license. A shame, as the original is still one of my favourite Czech beers of all time.

Beer Maison is located about a 5 minute walk on the south side of Fujisawa station, that is located on the JR Tokaido / Shonan-Shinjuku and also the Odakyu lines.

Beer Maison : Atmosphere & Interior

Beer Maison is an open space, with seating for around 40 people inside, with space for around 8 people at the counter, and then the rest at various combinations of tables and seating around the bar. The whole place is non-smoking, though be warned, there is a table charge of 300 yen per person. I didn’t notice any wifi on the day I went, but then I wasn’t looking so next time I head over there, I’ll take a look.


There was some gentle jazz music playing in the background, but the conversations in the bar drowned out the music. It seemed to be quite a popular place as half the bar was filled up with customers when I turned up at around 5:30 pm on a weekday – always a good sign.

Beer Maison : Beer & Tap Information

Beer Maison has 6 taps of beer on, with one of those being dedicated to Pilsner Urquell, and the other 5 being dedicated to craft beer in one form or another. The taps tend to be of different styles, as the owner mentioned that he wants everything to have something on the menu that they can drink. The beers mostly come in two sizes with small (266 ml) from ¥700 and then US pint (473 ml) from ¥1,200 though there are some differences on the menu. When I went, there was Fujizakura Heights Weizen on the menu, and this was served in 500 ml glasses.

There was no option of a beer flight but there is apparently an all-you-can-drink plan if you go with a group of people or are having a party at Beer Maison.

Beer Maison : Food Information

I didn’t have any food when I went to Beer Maison but it seems that they are very proud of their fried chicken and its 11 herbs and spices – no, it’s not a rip off of KFC but their own in-house blend. There’s the usual lineup of chips and some salads though the biggest issue is that all the essentials details are in Japanese, so you may need to take someone with you who can read or speak Japanese. I didn’t notice any vegetarian options though all the prices do include tax.

Beer Maison : Bar Details

Beer Maison : Location

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