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Garcia Mandarina Shimuzu

by Rob
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Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : Background

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu is a 5% fruited saison from Garcia Brewing, based in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s part of their canned and draught lineup, though its availability is unknown at the time of writing. Garcia Mandarina Shimizu is brewed using 80 kg of Gokuwase Mikan from Shimizu and is a collaborative effort with JA Shizuoka. If you haven’t heard of JA, then they are also known as Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, which is a national group of 694 regional co-ops in Japan that supply members with input for production, undertake packaging, transportation, and marketing of agricultural products, and provide financial services

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : At A Glance

  • ABV : 5%
  • Style : Fruited saison
  • Hops : East Kent Goldings
  • Adjuncts : Gokuwase Mikan, Quinoa
  • IBU : –

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : Sale Information

  • Availability : Winter seasonal
  • On Sale : May 2022
  • Size : 330 ml

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : Appearance

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu poured out a light straw colour with a big fluffy white head on top that took ages to collapse on itself. There was a slight haze to the beer, but I suspect that came from being poured cold from the fridge.

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : Aroma

Pretty much an orangey beer with some hints of saison going on – there was a touch of malt in the beer as it warmed up. There was a touch of sourness to the nose of the beer – was it the oranges or the yeast. The aromas were so intertwined it was hard to pinpoint it.

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : Taste

Citrusy punch to the nose, but also some sourness. It smelt more like an orange nose to it than yeast. In terms of saison body, Garcia Mandarina Shimizu felt a bit limp but with so much orange, it was to be expected.


Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : The Bottom Line

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu could do with less orange, and more balance.

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu : Where to Buy

Garcia Mandarina Shimizu can be bought online at the following places:

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