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DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store in Matsuyama, Ehime

by Rob
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DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : The Bottom Line

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store is a weird one – I like their beers a lot, and will often pick them up when I come across them, but DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store left me feeling a bit weird. It’s a taproom for sure, but the unusual nature of combining this with a clothing store just didn’t sit right with me. A shame really as Matsuyama could do with a good solid craft beer bar in the centre of town. I’d definitely come here again though if I am in the area though with no food and no snacks, make sure you do eat before you come in. But before you leave, make sure you get some cans to takeaway to drink in the park instead of drinking in-store – if you don’t mind paying a corkage fee.

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : The Full Review

I knew I was coming to DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store when I knew that I was going on a short castle tour with my son – one thing for him to do, and something else for me to do after a long day of walking. I have drunk plenty of DD4D Brewing’s efforts in the past – both from their early iterations in bottles and now in cans – so it was almost a pilgrimage for me, if there is such a thing.

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store is the brewery taproom for DD4D Brewing and it opened in May 2019 – pretty much around the start of the Covid-19 pandemic – talk about an inauspicious time to open a brewery. The concept behind it was to do something different, but more about that later. DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store is located about a 5 minute walk from Matsuyama City station, though be careful, that’s not the main JR station in the city of Matsuyama, though it is the most frequently used by those living in the city.

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : Atmosphere & Interior

As you walk into DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store, you’re greeted by a small boutique of clothing that to the untrained eye, well basically me and my lack of fashion sense, appears to be nothing out of the ordinary but some random clothing that looks pretty much that same as what you get in most fashion shops across Japan that are not Uniqlo or H&M. I know nothing about fashion – no doubt if you’ve met and seen me, you’ll agree – so for me, it felt like a weird addition to a space that could have been better used for drinking of course.


Once you have navigated yourself to the back of the store, you are greeted by the small, yet plentiful, drinking area for DD4D Brewing, and that’s where my happiness piqued. Though it’s mostly standing area at the back of the store, there are four seats at some tables and if you’re lucky, a couple of seats outside on the deck at the front of the store. The whole place is non-smoking and there is also some free Wifi too.

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : Beer & Tap Information

Seeing as DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store is the taproom for DD4D Brewing, it would make sense that there would be plenty of beers on, and with 10 taps available, it was weird to see only 4 taps of craft beer on the day we went. I was hoping for the full range of ten, but with the recent Brewers’ Cup in Yokohama, I suspect that there could have been a small diversion of beer kegs there. The beers came in one size, at about 350 ml for 900 yen which did include tax. There wasn’t any option of a beer flight on the day I went, but there was a huge selection of canned and bottled beers for drinking in, though that last option necessitated a corkage fee of 150 yen, so I suggest picking up a few and then taking them to the park across the road when the weather is nice.

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : Food Information

There wasn’t any so I suggest you get something to eat before coming here.

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : Bar Information

DD4D Brewing & Clothing Store : Location

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