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Nihonbashi Shimane-kan in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

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The fifth in our entry of satellite shops / antenna shops is Nihonbashi Shimane-kan- which if you hadn’t guessed is based in Nihonbashi and sells products from Shimane prefecture, which was once voted Japan’s 46th most recognised prefecture – not that great considering Japan has 47 prefectures. What was the 47th? Don’t know to be honest.

Nihonbashi Shimanekan

Nihonbashi Shimane-kan sells lots of food from Shimane, but Shimane is not really the bedrock of craft beer with only Shimane Beer Company and Iwami Bakushu being the only two craft beer breweries of note in the area. However, we do like Shimane Beer Company very much and it’s always a nice surprise to see their beers, and now they are canning more of them, expect to hopefully see more of them in the future. Like other antenna shops in Tokyo, Nihonbashi Shimanekan also has an event space as well as an on-site cafe too.

Nihonbashi Shimane-kan Details

Open: Daily 10:30 – 19:00


Phone: 03-3548-9511

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.shimanekan.jp/

Social Media: Twitter

How to Get to Nihonbashi Shimane-kan

The closest station to Nihonbashi Shimane-kan is Mitsukoshi-mae.

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