Home Bar Review Inazuma Dining in Roppongi, Tokyo 

Inazuma Dining in Roppongi, Tokyo 

by Rob
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Inazuma Dining The Bottom Line

Right now, Inazuma Dining doesn’t offer up anything spectacular nor any reason to go there, especially with cheaper places in the area. That’s not to say Inazuma Dining is a bad place by any means – it just doesn’t better anything else in the Roppongi area. I’ll definitely go back again one the brewery is up and running to see how the beers are getting on, but they better by larger portions for the price you pay for them. While there is no table charge and Inazuma Dining is non-smoking, the lack of tax in the prices and the high prices for the small volume means it could be an expensive night there.

Inazuma Dining Inside イナズマダイニング店内

Inazuma Dining The Full Review

I heard about Inazuma Dining from a friend living in the area – it’s not often you see a fully decked out brewery in the middle of a town, especially not in a prime real-estate area in the Roppongi area. Moreover, having some shiny decked out fermenters right at the window also stands out. However, at the time of writing, Inazuma Dining was not up and running yet – like other brewpubs and also breweries, it takes time for the license to come through and the day I visited, it was still another two months off according to the bar manager.

Inazuma Dining opened in April 2017, though at the time the brewery was not up and running. The head brewer, Naomi Inazu, who is also the namesake of the brewer certainly has some strong pedigree with her brewing – she’s had some time with the Devilcraft guys getting up to speed with brewing methods and techniques. The brewery is due to be open in December though that is up to the Japanese bureaucracy – and we know how long that can take.

There isn’t much space downstairs in the main bar area either – with space for 6 at the counter, and maybe 10 or 12 people around the tables. There is a wood deck upstairs too, but on the day I went (just before Typhoon Lan decided to dump on Kanto), it wasn’t open. There is no table charge at Inazuma Dining, nor is the place smoking either. There isn’t much English going on either, besides basic beer names, but what else do you need?

Inazuma Dining Beer 1 イナズマダイニングビール1Inazuma Dining Beer 2 イナズマダイニングビール2Inazuma Dining Beer 3 イナズマダイニングビール3
Daisen G Beer Yago

There are 10 taps at Inazuma Dining, though only 8 were on when I went, and these were split between domestic and imported craft beers. Once the brewery is up and running, expect the taps to shift towards more of the in-house brews. The price for beers varies from 880 to 980yen though none of the prices include tax and you don’t even get a full US pint, let alone a UK pint, for that price either. There isn’t a happy hour nor any beer flights either.

The food at Inazuma Dining is more casual dining style, with small delicate proportioned dishes, rather than the classic bar snacks of chips and popcorn – seemed that a few people were either on dates or just drinking at the bar for a quick beer.

Inazuma Dining Details

Open: Weekdays Lunch 11:30 – 15:00 Dinner 18:00 – 23:00 Weekends & Holidays 11:30 – 23:00

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6441-2802

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Inazuma Dining

Inazuma Dining is located between Roppongi Itchome station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Roppongi Station

Directions from Roppongi Itchhome

Directions from Roppongi Station

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