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Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka (Umeda / Osaka)

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Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : The Bottom Line

If you’re wanting some cheap craft beer in Osaka, then Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka, along with its sister bar on the opposite side of the station (Craft Beer Market Umeda) should be on your list of choices. If you’ve been to any other Craft Beer Market in Kyoto or Kanto, then you know what you’re getting yourself in for as it tends to be pretty much the same wherever you go. That’s not a bad thing but for those wanting something off-kilter or funky, then Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka will be pretty bland for you I’m afraid.

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : Background

On my last trip to Osaka, back in 2017 (has it really been that long), I missed out on Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka because it was in the planning stages. However, over 7 years on and the bar is as popular as ever. On the day I went, I was almost turned away and not because I was foreign, but because the bar was pretty much full and there weren’t any spare tables until a couple suddenly upped and left.

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka is the seventh in the chain of Craft Beer Markets and was their first foray into the Kansai area as it opened in December 2017. The bar has been so popular that Craft Beer Market opened a sister location in the Umeda district in 2019, which has also proven to be as popular with locals as this branch. As the name suggests, this branch is located in the Lucua building, on the north side of Osaka station.

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : Atmosphere & Interior

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka pretty much follows the style of every single Craft Beer Market we’ve been to – lots of high tables, with funky wooden stools, white walls, and huge blackboards above the bar, listing all of the daily specials and food. So if you’ve been to one, then you’ve been to them all I guess? The biggest difference to other branches is that the bar is actually underground and unlike others, has no natural light and is also very much open plan. It does have a slightly different feel to others with this design of being out on a pedestrian walkway of a department store – a small point.


Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka has space for around 45 people, with that mostly consisting of various table combinations around the bar, and space for 10 or so people at the bar counter that stretches around the back of the bar. The whole space is non-smoking and has free wifi, but it does have the usual table charge of ¥300 though the charge isn’t for everyone. From 15:00 onwards, a ¥300 appetiser will be charged to customers who order alcoholic beverages, and to all customers from 17:00 onwards.

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : Beer & Tap Information

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka has around 30 taps of beer,

though the actual amount on can vary on a day to day; however, one thing for certain is that they also have some taps of regular macro beer, so you can come here with your non-craft beer drinking friends. The beers tend to come in two sizes: glass (250 ml) from ¥600 and US pints (473ml) from ¥900. There are also special beers on the menu that come in smaller sizes but the menus are pretty comprehensive with the sizes.

There isn’t any happy hour but there is a beer flight which gets you three 150ml glasses for ¥1,500, though those beers do not cover the whole menu and you may end up with some smaller glasses of the more expensive beers. There is also an all-you-can-drink-plan for 2000 which gets you 2 hours of drinking for most of the beers on the menu, with those not included mentioned on the menu.

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : Food Information

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka’s unique selling point when it comes to food is that it specialises in French food. I wasn’t hungry on the day so just ended up getting some chips I’m afraid – I had a Korean dinner lined up and didn’t want to spoilt it. The menus were in Japanese; however, a member of staff did offer some English menus for both the drinks and the food. All the prices also included tax and while vegetarians may find it hard to get some food, there are some choices for vegetarians on the menu.

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : Bar Details

Craft Beer Market Lucua Osaka : Location

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