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Okei Brewery Nippori : Roundup

by Rob
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Rather than writing up individual reviews for these beers, we’ve come up with a page of beers for our recent trip to Okei Brewery Nippori – which is a brewpub just outside of Nippori station in Tokyo. As these are draught beers, there is no guarantee that they will be on tap if and when you go there.

Okei Arakawa Juicy IPA

Okei Arakawa Juicy IPA : Details

  • Alcohol : 6.5%
  • Style : NE-IPA / Juicy IPA
  • IBU : 30

[Name of Beer] : Mini Review

Appearance : Slightly hazy golden yellow colour with a thin white ring of head that faded quickly leaving rings of head around the glass.

Aroma : Fruity tropical aroma with mango and pineapple first to come through, followed by citrus notes of lemon and lime. Balanced with some malt sweetness.

Body : Medium bodied with fruity notes throughout. Tropical and citrus as in the nose with smooth, yet low, bitterness. Fruity flavours linger throughout before finishing with a light sweetness.

Okei Brewery Hoppy Sabro

Okei Brewery Hoppy : Details

  • Alcohol : 4.5%
  • Style : Session IPA
  • IBU :

Okei Brewery Hoppy : Mini Review

Appearance : Light golden straw colour with a sticky white head, leaving lacing down the glass. Slight haze to the body.

Aroma : Full on Sabro aroma – coconut and orange in the nose, with a touch of creaminess when warmed. Light malt sweetness.

Body : Low to medium bitterness with Sabro flavour of coconut and orange. Light malt sweetness though Sabro hop forward so be warned if you don’t like Sabro hops.

Okei Brewery Born to be Mild

Okei Brewery Born to be Mild : Details

  • Alcohol : 5.5%
  • Style : Mild ale
  • IBU :

Okei Brewery Born to be Mild : Mini Review

Appearance : Slight hazy orange amber colour with thin white head that leaves some lacing of bubbles.

Aroma : Malt forward with a light caramel aroma, followed up by light earthy and floral hop aroma. No discernible yeast aromas.

Body : Medium sweetness with low carbonation. Smooth, but low, bitterness that segues into an earthy flavour. Easy drinking with low alcohol flavour.

Okei Brewery Higashi-Nippori Kölsch

Okei Brewery Higashi-Nippori Kölsch : Details

  • Alcohol : 5.2%
  • Style : Kölsch
  • IBU :

Okei Brewery Higashi-Nippori Kölsch : Mini Review

Appearance : Light straw-yellow colour with minimal haze to the body. Fluffy head with large bubbles though no lacing.

Aroma : Clean fruity aroma with a light malt sweetness. Subtle floral aroma from the hops with a touch of spice as warms up.

Body : Clean, crisp body that is on the dry side of beer. Light fruity flavour with a touch of spice as the beer warms up.

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