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Tiels Tea & Taps in Mishima, Shizuoka

by Rob
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Tiels Tea & Taps : The Bottom Line

While it’s a bit too early to pass judgement on the beers at Tiels Tea & Taps, I was generally happy with the beers that I had but it was the food that surprisingly stole the show – more about that later – and I would recommend coming to Tiels Tea & Taps when you’re in the area. Besides the delicious food, the super friendly staff and chilled atmosphere – really recommend some seats by the window if you can – also help make Tiels Tea & Taps a recommended place to come visit. As like most places, the whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also has some free wifi.

Tiels Tea & Taps : The Full Review

After spending some time in a kindergarten drinking at 11 am – who’d have thought that would have been possible – I wanted to get over to Tiels Tea & Taps before it got too busy with the lunch time rush. At the time of writing, it is one of the newest craft beer bars in Mishima, which seems to be gaining popularity with craft beer, and personally, is a nicer place to come visit than Atami, which is one stop along. But that is by the by and not the point – Tiels Tea & Taps also has a its own brewery inside of the bar and you can see the brewer working away from time to time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there on the day I went – something personal came up – but the manager came over and greeted us, and we had a good long chat about the beers and the bar too.

Tiels Tea & Taps opened in December 2021, and though I passed through Mishima after the Baird Beer Harvest Festival back in October 2022, I didn’t get the chance to stop here. The brewery itself started brewing in May 2022, with them slowly increasing the amount of their own beers on tap. Tiels Tea & Taps is about a 10 minute walk from JR Mishima station, and I suggest taking a stroll through the Mishima Rakujuen Park on your way, though you do have to pay to get in the park, it’s a nice way to build up a thirst, before going along the Genbe River. If you’re feeling lazy, then you could take the local Izuhakone Railway and get off at Mishima-Hirokoji station, and walk about 3 minutes.

Tiels Tea & Taps : Atmosphere & Interior

As you walk into Tiels Tea & Taps, you’re greeted by a large open space that is brightly lit from the outside with some large bay windows, that I only assume open up when the weather is warmer outside of winter times. There was two main seating areas – at the counter with four seats available – and also against the windows with seating for around 12 people. I suggest getting the window seats, mainly because the cushions are so bloody comfortable that you might not want to get up or go anywhere else. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge either, and it seemed to be a family friendly place as well.


The people who were already at Tiels Tea & Taps seemed to have been there for a while, as they were deep in conversation with the staff and were still there when we left. The staff at Tiels Tea & Taps were super friendly, spending time talking with customers about the food and beers, along with a genuine interest in having conversations with everyone who came in. Heck, even the chef and owner came out to talk to us about the food after we inquired about how the kinkan was made – and the next thing we knew, we had a special plate of different kinds of sugared and dried kinkan that had been made in-house, though we’re not going to let that have any sway in this review. Promise.

Tiels Tea & Taps : Beer & Tap Information

Seeing as Tiels Tea & Taps has its own brewery, it would make sense for them to have their own beers on tap, and with 12 taps of beer, the lineup was dominated by Tiels Brewing, with a couple of guest taps too. The beers come in three sizes: mini (120 ml) from 350 yen, half (250 ml) from 700 yen, and pint (450 ml) from 1,050 yen, with all prices including tax. The mini beers are primarily for the beer flight, so you can choose any three and they get delivered to you as shown above. On the day, I had six different beers and while the American style pale ale and IPAs were fine, the porter and stout were the highlights with a distinct difference in body and flavour that is often missed between these two. Moreover, the session IPA at 2.7% was fantastic – hoppy if light and perfect for a warm day of walking. At the time of writing, Tiels Tea & Taps didn’t have any beers to take away though the manager did say that there were plans in the future, dependent on space and cost – a nice idea especially with the park and rivers in the area. I didn’t notice any happy hour or drink as much as you want plans.

Tiels Tea & Taps : Food Information

I didn’t take a picture of the menu at Tiels Tea & Taps – I had been drinking and as soon as I saw Fish and Chips on the menu, I knew I was going to get that, so why bother looking at other stuff? Yet, the smell coming from the kitchen was of curry and there was an option for a keema curry set, which in hindsight, would have been equally as fantastic as I tried a bit of my friend’s and it was damned good. The menus were all in Japanese and I wasn’t offered an English menu, but with the brewer at Tiels Tea & Taps being Canadian, I suspect that there may be an English menu if needed. The prices include tax but if you can, ask the chef about the kinkans and you may end up getting the special set on the right and you’ll be laughing, especially if you can get it paired with the stout. Simply heaven and the kinkan marmalade left a lingering orange flavour on the palate, way after finishing it, and long into the train journey to the next bar.

Tiels Tea & Taps : Bar Information

  • Open : Weekdays 17:00 – 23:00 (L.O 22:00) Weekends + Holidays 12:30 – 15:00 / 17:00 – 23:00 (L.O 22:00)
  • Closed : Wednesdays
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 055-957-4500
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : http://tiels.jp/
  • Social Media : Instagram

Tiels Tea & Taps : Location

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