An interview with one of Japan's most exciting breweries.
Y Market Brewing Interview
With Kachi-san & Takahashi-san
Far Yeast Brewing Interview
Known for both their range of Kagua Beers and Far Yeast Brewing, the brewery has seen it grow rapidly since opening.
Read more about them with our interview with Yamada-san from Far Yeast.
Kyoto Brewing Company Interview

Kyoto is more famous for its temples, shrines, and of course geisha than for craft beer. Kyoto has a handful of craft beer breweries, with the majority of them taking the once-typical route of being a side-company to a sake brewery. However, Kyoto Brewing Company have taken a vastly different route – one we haven’t seen before at BeerTengoku. An ...

If you’ve been to a Japanese beer festival at all in the last 20 years, then you’ve more than likely seen Sankt Gallen there. That person serving the beer, who could pass for a Japanese rockstar, is the brewer and owner of Sankt Gallen, Iwamoto-san. You’ve also probably met Nakagawa-san, more commonly known as Miki, the hard-working person behind Sankt ...

Sankt Gallen Interview
Craft beer Map Japan
Craft Beer Map of Japan
BeerTengoku & Patreon

Hi! We’re Joe Robson and Rob Bright, long-time Japan residents and the brains and brawn behind BeerTengoku. Let us tell you about why we’re here on Patreon. We started BT in July 2014 to introduce English-speaking people to the world of Japanese craft beer, and since then we’ve seen our site grow far beyond our expectations. This year we hit ...

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