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Home Bar Review All Well in Hinodecho, Kanagawa

All Well in Hinodecho, Kanagawa

by Rob
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All Well : The Bottom Line

If you like your craft beer bars trendy and expensive, then All Well is right up your street. It seems like its a place to hang out and pay over the top for craft beer that you can then show off on your Instagram and social media to show you hanging out with the cool kids in town. There are good things though to All Well in that there isn’t a table charge and there is some free WiFi too.

All Well : The Full Review

I guess that once in a while, sponsored posts on Instagram must work as that is how I first heard about All Well – from a plethora of adverts on the app. For some reason, I decided to click on one – well I know the reason is that they were posting about pictures of craft beer and were near Hinodecho station on the Keikyu line, so off I went to find out what the place is about.

All Well opened in April 2022 and prides itself on being a craft beer bar along with being a camping supply shop. It’s an interesting combination considering that the area the bar is located in is, well, nowhere near any camp sites or places to pitch a tent.

All Well : Atmosphere & Interior

All Well is located on the first floor of a building, which means it has some access to the pavement area outside and as such, has some nice big bay windows that can open up during the warmer months. However, in spite of All Well having a plethora of camping goodies that encompass benches, stools, and chairs, there are no actual places to sit either inside or outside. What there is though are two large standing tables where people can congregate around. I guess it’s more suited to popping for a beer or two rather than an actual drinking session, but more about that later.


As All Well is all standing, there is no table charge, and the whole place is non-smoking and yes, that does include the standing table outside. On the day I went, there was a World Cup match being played but I can not remember who it was, and I am guessing that it wasn’t a big match as I was the only person in the bar for a good couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon. There is some free Wifi available as well.

All Well : Beer & Tap Information

All Well has 6 taps available for craft beer, but on the day I went, only 4 were on. The beers are mostly domestic though they do have imports on from time to time. The beers come in two sizes: half US pint (240 ml) from ¥900, and US pints (473 ml) from ¥1,300. All Well has a beer flight which, and I must be honest here, was so crazily priced that I had to look twice. For ¥2,200 you can get three 180 ml beers of anything that is on the menu. I politely declined and walked away with a pint instead.

There are also numerous beer fridges in store, with a heavy leaning towards domestic beers, and they can be drunk in-store or taken away. I didn’t notice any messages about corkage fees as there none on the fridges or at the counter, but the beers were priced higher than the 7/11 at Hammerhead. The menus had some basic information about the beer – name and style – in English, but that was it.

All Well : Food Information

There wasn’t any besides some nuts. There weren’t any signs saying you could bring your own food in either and the staff didn’t say anything when asked about it.

All Well : Information

  • Open : Weekdays 14:00 – 21:00 (L.O 20:30) Weekends + Holidays 12:00 – 21:00 (L.O 20:30)
  • Closed : Tuesdays
  • Happy Hour :
  • Phone : 045-325-7368
  • Homepage (in Japanese) :
  • Social Media : Facebook / Instagram

All Well : Location

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Steve D. April 3, 2023 - 12:50 pm

I might have stopped in here if it had been open when I stayed at Hostel Zen in Matsukage-cho, and needed to walk to the closest Keikyū station to buy a special Yokohama area Open Ticket (which I did once – it included access to the Yokohama Municipal Subway, which I had never photographed).

In more significant news, I’m headed for Tokyo | Yokohama for (the) FlyerTalk forum’s *Japan Do 2023 Tokyo* [6-9 April]. In what I am now describing as the on-line equivalent of the “Grateful Dead parking lot miracle”, my travel bot found an ORD-HND airfare on United for the dates I sought for $998.15. Yes, I pounced on it. Since I haven’t been in Japan since September 2017, I tossed on an additional week afterward.
Pick a day. Pick a venue. Let’s have some beers. 8=)}


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