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Iwami American Pale Ale by Iwami Bakushu

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Iwami American Pale Ale is a 5% American pale ale from Iwami Bakushu, based in Shimane, Japan. It’s part of their all year round range of craft beer and can be found in bottles only at the time of writing. Unlike most of the beers from Iwami Bakushu, the strangest adjunct contained in Iwami American Pale Ale are lemons sourced from Hiroshima.

Iwami American Pale Ale 石見アメリカンペールエール

Iwami American Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

First things first, Iwami American Pale Ale actually looks like the style of beer it’s supposed to be. It had a deep golden colour to it, with a slightly off white head to it that faded fast. There was a strong lemon aroma coming off of it, which I am going to say is from the lemons rather than any hops. Iwami American Pale Ale also had a slight biscuit bite to it with a faint hint of caramel too. Then the butter kicks in – urgh. Someone is having some serious issues with their bottling line it seems.

The body didn’t fare much better either. The butter flavour came screaming through the slight tart bitterness from the lemons, along with a hint of sweetness. But that butter can simply not be ignored. That’s two out of three beers so far.


Iwami American Pale Ale The Bottom Line

Until the buttery flavours are gone. I’d avoid Iwami American Pale Ale

Where to Buy Iwami American Pale Ale

Iwami American Pale Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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