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Aqula Namahage Bock by Aqula

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Aqula Namahage Bock, better known as Aqula Q Bock. is a dunkler bock style beer from Akita, Japan. At the point of bottling, it is supposedly 7% though if left to condition in the bottle further, it may be higher. During the conditioning process, Aqula Namahage Bock is left to ripen further to produce bolder flavours.

Aqula Namahage Bock

Aqula Namahage Bock is also sold as Aqula Q Bock.

Aqula Namahage Bock Aroma and Taste

We love great bottle label design here at BeerTengoku and Aqula Namahage Bock brings something new with its darkened colours on a bright golden-yellow background. Alas, we had to drink and drink we did. Aqula Namahage Bock glooped (©Joe 2014) out a thick, dark brown colour with an off-white head that was minimal but lingered enough to produce a thin ring around the rim. The nose was peculiar. I’ve had bocks and weizenbocks in the past but never a dunkler bock. It had a sweetness that was punctuated by plums and caramel aromas that smelt like a freshly steamed Christmas pudding with spices permeating across the room.

The initial taste to Aqula Namahage Bock was “damn this is liquid Christmas pudding.” It’s full on with sweetness and those bags of mixed fruit your mum would pack into your lunch boxes. There was also a heavy dosing of malt thrown in for good measure yet there 7%+ of alcohol never made an appearance. It didn’t seem to register much during drinking though as it got warmer, I could have sworn I tasted it but then by that point, I was probably too far gone to notice.

Aqula Namahage Bock One Line Review

Aqula Namahage Bock is a lovely lovely beer that would go well on a cold winter night with some fire burning, pretty much if you’re lodging somewhere in Akita.


Where to Buy Aqula Namahage Bock

Aqula Namahage Bock can be bought from the Aqula Beer online store here. We got our bottle of Aqula Namahage Bock as part of a gift set.

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