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Futako Unane Pale Lager by Futako Beer

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Futako Unane Pale Lager is a 5.5% India Pale Lager from Futako Beer, based in Tokyo, Japan. As Futako Beer is a contact brewery, Futako Unane Pale Lager is brewed at Hitachino Nest in Ibaragi. The name stems from the Unane district of Futakotamagawa, just south-west of Shibuya, where Futako Beer is based out of. And that’s about all I could find out about this beer as there is nothing on the Futako Beer homepage nor the Hitachino Nest homepage either.

Futako Unane Pale Lager

Lager like with some hoppiness.

Futako Unane Pale Lager Aroma and Taste

I’ve seen Futako Unane Pale Lager a couple of times in bars but I’ve been loathed to pay double, or even the triple, the price for the beer which can be found in a supermarket. I know bars have to survive, but paying ¥1,200 for a bottle which can be had for ¥500 is, even for me, a pricey gamble.

Futako Unane Pale Lager poured out a slightly hazy light gold colour with a minimal amount of head on top. What head there was, quickly disappeared after less than a minute to a thin ring of bubbles around the outside of it. Futako Unane Pale Lager had a pleasant grapefruit and lemony aroma with some light biscuit malts coming through once it had the chance to warm up.

It had a slight initial bitter twang to it that veered towards a lemony flavour with the biscuit malt coming through slightly during drinking. Futako Unane Pale Lager could best be described as lager that has had some lemon added to it and that would be enough for this review really. It finished off with a lingering bitterness that like the rest of the aromas and flavours, never really got going.


Futako Unane Pale Lager The Bottom Line

Futako Unane Pale Lager isn’t a bad IPL, and there aren’t many out there, but neither is it exciting or bold.

Where to Buy Futako Unane Pale Lager

Futako Unane Pale Lager can be bought online at the following places:

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