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Uchu White Hole by Uchu Brewing

by Rob
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Uchu White Hole is an 8% NE IPA from Uchu Brewing, based in Hokuto city, in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range and can be found in both bottles and on tap mostly across the Chubu and Kanto regions of Japan. Uchu White Hole is brewed with Golden Promise and oats from the UK with German Wheat, along with Columbus, Citra, and Centennial from the USA, Vic Secret from Australia, and Uchu Brewing’s own Cascade hops.

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Uchu White Hole Aroma and Taste

Uchu White Hole came up a hazy light golden colour with a plump white head on top – that was topped up on request. It had a strong grapefruit, lemon, and mango aroma with a subtle creamy oaty nose to it as well. Uchu White Hole was extremely citrusy so if you like those aromas, you’re going to enjoy sniffing on this beer.

The body had a slight citrus tart kick to it, with grapefruit and lemon being the two notable flavours that came through. At 8%, the alcohol was well hidden and didn’t come through, even when Uchu White Hole had warmed up. The wheat and oats brought a silky mouthfeel to it and also made Uchu White Hole really easy drinking too. It left a pithy aftertaste to it, perhaps the only downside to Uchu White Hole but it was well made.


Uchu White Hole The Bottom Line

I would have loved to have had more of Uchu White Hole, but the bar I was drinking at was serving it at almost 1000yen for a half US pint. If you can find it cheap, buy and drink.

Where to Buy Uchu White Hole

Uchu White Hole can be bought in bottles online at the following places:

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