Sankt Gallen Brewery Information

Sankt Gallen Brewery

Sankt Gallen Brewery, located in Atsugi, West Kanagawa, has been brewing beers since 2001. They have an online store, which is cheaper than buying their beers from stores. Sankt Gallen Brewery were also the first brewery to make a stout using coffee beans that had been excreted by elephant. Called “うん、この黒” or “un, kono kuro”, which translates into “Yes, this is black” or …


Yokohama Brewery Information

yokohama beer

Ever since foreigners first settled in Yokohama, it has been a place synonymous with beer. Beer was first brewed in Yamate in 1870, with the first brewery “Spring Valley Beer”, which has recently been brought back via the Kirin beer company. Yokohama Brewery was established in 1995 and is the largest craft beer producer in Yokohama. The brewery tries to use …

Yo-Ho Brewing Company Information

Yo-Ho Brewing

Yo-ho Brewing Company was founded in 1996, soon after the abolition of the beer brewing laws, and was one of the first microbreweries to be recognized nationwide. In 2010, the Japanese Beer Association awarded Yo-Ho Brewing “Brewery of the Year” award. Unlike other microbreweries in Japan, all of their beers come either in cans, or by the barrel. In 2014, …