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Miyazaki Hideji Beer Information

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Hideji Beer

Hideji Beer, or to give the range its full name Miyazaki Hideji Beer, is a brewery based in Miyazaki, Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu. Hideji Beer launched in 1996 soon after the Japanese government reduced the limits for the brewing licenses, under parent company Nishida. Never heard of them? Well Nishida is a wholesaler of petroleum products, and the president at the time of inauguration, Nishida Hideji, thought about expanding the business and granting his name to be used on the beers. Hideji-san asked a Czech brewer to come over and be the leader in developing beers in the hope of becoming a long-term resident; however, like most other foreign brewers at the time, he had enough and returned back home. In 2009, Biagura Hideji opened next door to the brewery, enabling visitors to taste the Hideji Beer range in the freshest possible condition.

Hideji Beer Main Lineup

The Hideji Beer consists of the four following beers all-year round and can be found in bottles or on tap at various bars across Japan:

Hideji Beer Colloboration Lineup

Throughout the year, Hideji Beer also releases the following beers in both bottle and tap form throughout Japan that involve collaboration with various farmers throughout the Miyazaki area.

  • Hideji Hyuganatsu Lager – A 5% summer seasonal lager that is brewed using locally sourced citrus fruits.
  • Hideji Kinkan Lager – A 5% summer seasonal lager that is brewed using locally source kinkans, also known as kumquats in English.
  • Hideji Spring Yuzu Ale – A 4.5% spring seasonal ale that contains yuzu from the local area.
  • Hideji Mango Lager – A 5% mango lager that is available during the summer months.
  • Hideji Miyazaki Red Eye – A 5% tomato lager brewed with tomatoes grown in the local area.
  • Hideji Shi Shu 2018 – A 5% fruit beer that is brewed using Aya Purple, a kind of locally grown sweet potato.

Hideji Beer Premium Lineup

This selection of Hideji Beer products are specially designed from premium ingredients:

  • Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale – A 9% imperial stout brewed using locally grown chestnuts and Miyazaki Hideji Beer recommend aging this beer.
  • Hideji Beer Stout – A 6% winter seasonal beer that is brewed using a Nordic recipe.
  • Hideji Hokura Kinnama – A 5% autumn seasonal beer brewed to a pilsner recipe.
  • Hideji Ginger Honey Ale – A 5% ale that contains fresh ginger and honey in the fermentation stages.
  • Hideji Golden Time Ale – An 8% Belgian ale that comes at a premium price.

Hideji Beer Details:

Address: 〒882-0077 Miyazaki-ken, Nobeoka-shi, Mukabaki-cho 747−58−2

Phone: 0120-591-815

Website (in Japanese): http://hideji-beer.jp/

Online Store: http://www.hideji-beer.com/

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1 comment

Oliver March 31, 2018 - 8:12 pm

A great brewery, with bottles availabe at some store around the country, and often in Kyushu. They also have seasonal specials, a monthly beer “kongetsu no kura-dashi”. I bought the “kono hana sakyua” in Miyazaki, but I am not sure what kind of beer this is.


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