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41 Beer Craft Works Information

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41 Beer Craft Works is a Japanese microbrewery located in Yoichi, in Hokkaido, Japan. 41 Beer Craft Works is also known as Yoichi beer (余市ビール) or sometimes 41 beer as the town name can also be read as yo-ichi, short for yon-ichi, or 41 in English. 41 Beer Craft started operations in February 2021 with their first beers being released later that same year in July. 41 Beer Craft uses British and German malt along with American, German, Czech and New Zealand hops, while using underground water from Mt. Shakotan as brewing water.

41 Beer Craft Works : Lineup

The following are some of the 41 Craft Beer Works’ beers.

  • 41 Beer Kamifu Sawamachi – A 7% pale ale from 41 Beer Craft Works brewed using hops sourced from Kami-Furano – one of Japan’s leading hop growing areas.
  • 41 Beer Chardonnay Farmhouse Ale – A 5% saison that uses Chardonnay grapes grown in the local area as well as yeast in the secondary fermentation harvested from those same grapes.
  • 41 Beer Shiripa IPA – A 6.5% IPA that is supposed to be the same colour as Cape Shiripa, an old Ainu place with means “mountain head” in English.
  • 41 Beer 3 Bird Coffee Stout – A 5.5% coffee stout brewed in conjunction with 3 Bird Coffee, a popular cafe in the local Yoichi area. This beer uses Mandheling beans in the secondary fermentation.

41 Beer Craft Works : Information

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