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Brimmer Brewing Information

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Brimmer Brewing Logo

Brimmer Brewing, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, is a small microbrewery that is owned by Scott Brimmer and his wife Yoshiko Brimmer. Along with Chris Macomber, Brimmer Brewing have been making their range of beers since summer 2011 and have been increasing their range ever since. Brimmer Brewing is one of the few microbreweries in Japan that possess a beer license, rather than a happoshu license, which means all of their beers are made without adjuncts. They also own the Brimmer Beer Box in Omotesando where you can buy the beers on draft or the bottles to take home.

Brimmer Brewing Line Up

The Brimmer Brewing range consists of three main beers that can be found on draft or bottled:

  • Brimmer Pale Ale – A 5.5% pale ale from Brimmer Brewing and their take on a pale ale that produces a copper coloured beer.
  • Brimmer Golden Ale – Brimmer Brewing’s take on a session ale. A light body with deep taste that will allow you to keep going throughout the day though at 5.5%, only for the hardened session beer drinker.
  • Brimmer Porter – Brewed using four different malts: pale, black, crystal, and chocolate malts to produce a 5.5% porter style beer.

Brimmer Brewing Speciality Lineup

Brimmer Brewing also make a speciality beer each month that rotates around though it is unknown whether these beers will ever be available again or are just one offs. Beers they have made so far include that we’ve tried are:

  • Brimmer Barley Wine – Brimmer’s take on barley wine produced this 8.7% “mild” version.
  • Brimmer Citra IPA – a seasonal 6% IPA brewed with Citra hops.
  • Brimmer E.S.B – a premium 5.6% English bitter on sale in February and brewed from English Maris Otter malt and East Kent Golding hops.
  • Brimmer California Commons – A California commons style beer brewed using Cluster hops which are the oldest variety grown in the U.S. and Northern Brewer.
  • Brimmer California Spring Ale – a 5.5% golden ale inspired by California.
  • Brimmer Session Black IPA – a 5.5% black IPA originally brewed second anniversary in 2014, but Brimmer Session Black IPA is now part of their seasonal range of beer and was released in bottles in 2015.
  • Brimmer Hunky Punk IPA – a 6% American IPA and the in-house beer for Charcoal Green Bashamichi branch.
  • Brimmer Session IPA – a 5% session IPA. Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of information about the hops that went into making Brimmer Session IPA, but once we find out, we’ll update this post.
  • Nide Gyaru Blonde – a 5% blonde ale but searching for information about it caused many disturbing results to come up and I’m sure that the person next to me thinks I’m some kind of sexual deviant.

Brimmer Brewing Details

Address: 〒213-0032, Kanagawa, Kawasaki, Takatsu-ku, Kuji 4-27-14

Phone: 044-281-0541

Website (in English): Brimmer Brewing

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

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Brimmer Beer Box in Omotesando.

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