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Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company Information

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Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company, abbreviated to AJB Company, is a small craft beer brewery located in Nozawa-Onsen, in Nagano, Japan. The brewery started out in 2014, and since then, the brewery has outgrown its original location, and a couple of years later, moved to a much larger location. AJB Company have a strong connection to the local area, and try to use as many local ingredients where possible, while also brewing beers that they want to drink. AJB Company uses a mixture of English and German malts, with British, American,  andNew Zealand hops as raw materials, with the local water from Nozawa Onsen being the base.

Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company Lineup

The following are beers from Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company that we’ve had.

  • AJB Sumizome Sakura no Sei – A 7% black IPA. It takes its name from the story of a black cherry tree in Kyoto.
  • AJB Saison De La Maison – A 5.5% saison. It’s made with BET, a Japanese company that specializes in helping set up breweries with equipment and resources.
  • AJB Hyakkendana Beer – A 4.5% blond ale brewed with Mikkeller Beer and uses Mosaic hops.
  • AJB Libushi IPA – An 8% double / imperial IPA.
  • AJB IBU Nai Lemondrop a 5.8% NE Pale Ale brewed using lemondrop hops, which were first released in 2012.
  • AJB IBU Nai – a 5.4% American Pale Ale brewed so it does not have any IBU.
  • AJB Shinshu Soba Stout – a 5% dry stout brewed using locally sourced soba from the Nagano area.
  • AJB Espresso Stout – A 10% imperial porter with beans from Allpress Roastery Tokyo, part of the chain of Allpress coffee shops from New Zealand, and used their Imperiality as a base to make this winter seasonal beer.

Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company Details

Address: 9347 Toyosato, Nozawaonsen, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano 389-2502

Phone: 080-6930-3992


Homepage (in Japanese): http://anglojapanesebeer.com/

Brewery Store: N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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