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Fukuyama Craft Heart Brewery

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Fukuyama Craft Heart Lineup

Fukuyama Craft Heart Brewery is Japanese craft beer brewery based in Fukuyama, Hiroshima. The brewery opened in 2015, swiftly getting its license soon after and has seen a rapid increase in the events across Japan. The head brewer, Obata-san, is one of the few professional beer judges in Japan and is also a Fukuyama native, having moved back in 2014 to help start up the brewery.

Fukuyama Craft Heart Main Lineup

The following are part of Fukuyama Craft Heart Brewery’s main lineup and can be found all year round.

  • Fukuyama Setouchi Lemon Ale – a 5% fruit ale that’s brewed using lemons sourced from Setouchi on Shikoku.
  • Fukuyama Sensui Draft – a 5% English ale that is brewed using seawater from the Seto Naikai – or inland sea.
  • Fukuyama Ikou – a 6% spiced beer that contains camomile and also brown rice – and is supposed to put you to sleep quicker.

Fukuyama Craft Heart Details

Address: 2-5-7 Kasumicho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture 720-0812


Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.craft-heart.com/

Store: https://craftheart.easy-myshop.jp/

SNS: Facebook

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