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Kamikatz カミカツ

Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing is a craft beer brewery located in Tokushima, Japan. It’s part of a local effort under the slogan “zero waste, organic life”, which is reflected in both the beer and the food in they make. Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing also specialise in BBQ food as well, with the same ethos towards their food with the environment being a strong influence.

Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing Main Lineup

The following beers are part of the regular lineup:

  • Kamikatz IPA – A 5% American IPA brewed with imported hops from New Zealand and America.
  • Kamikatz Leuven White – A 5% Belgian wit brewed with locally source organic yuzu.
  • Kamitatz Pale Ale – A 4.5% American pale ale brewed with imported hops from Europe and America.
  • Kamikatz Porter – A 6% porter that is brewed to a traditional English recipe.

Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing Limited & Seasonal Lineup

The following beers are part of the limited and seasonal lineup:

  • Kamikatz Beyond The Sea – A 4.5% gose brewed using locally harvested sea salt from the Kiisuido Strait, between Tokushima and Wakayama. It also uses iyokan, a Japanese citrus fruit, similar in appearance to a mandarin orange.
  • Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin IPA – A 6.5% brut IPA brewed using Ekuanot and Idaho Seven hops.
  • Kamikatz Golden Rain – A 6% spiced beer made with locally sourced organic lemons and ginger.
  • Kamikatz Morning Summer – A 7% NE IPA brewed using four kinds of imported hops from the USA.

Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing Details

Address: 237-2 Hirama Masaki Kamikatsu-chō,, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima-ken, 771-4505

Phone: 088-666-3339

Homepage: http://www.kamikatz.jp/

Online Store: https://kamikatz.stores.jp/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

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