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Echigo Beer Information

by BeerTengoku Writer

Echigo Beer

Echigo Beer was the first microbrewery in Japan to form once the Japanese government had reduce the production capacity and licensing laws in 1993. Echigo Beer started a brewpub in 1995 and began selling their first beer, Ocean Beer, in October of the same year. Since then, Echigo Beer has grown in size and is now considered one of the largest in Japan and have won numerous awards around the world for their beers.

Echigo Beer’s Main Lineup

  • Echigo Pale ale – A 5.5% beer with an IBU of 26.
  • Echigo Stout – A 7% Irish style stout. With an IBU of 34, it is Echigo Beer’s most bitter beer.
  • Echigo Weizen – A 5.5% wheat beer brewed using a traditional Bavarian recipe.
  • Echigo Pilsner – Brewed using Saaz hops from Czech Republic that Echigo Beer grows themselves.
  • Echigo Organic Farm Beer – Brewed using organic ingredient sourced from around the Echigo Beer area.
  • Echigo Koshihikari Echigo Beer – Brewed using the Japanese koshihikari strain of rice from Niigata.
  • Echigo Blonde – A 5.5% beer brewed using a British recipe that gives it a traditional aroma and taste.
  • Echigo Red Ale – An 5.5% red ale based on an American amber ale recipe. Usually available from winter.
  • Echigo White Ale – Brewed using a southern German recipe, this is more of a hefeweizen than their other weizen beer above.

Echigo Beer Details

Address: 〒953-0016 Niigata-ken, Niigata-shi, Nishi Kaba-Ku, Matsuyama 2

Phone: 0256-76-2866


Website (in Japanese and some English): www.echigo-beer.jp

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ABREWCADABREW March 2, 2015 - 6:44 pm

I am in possession of an unopened bottle of Ocean Ale (not Ocean Beer) from 1995. I was considering opening it up this year to celebrate its 25-year anniversary, but wonder if selling it instead would be the better thing to do. Your opinion?

Rob March 2, 2015 - 7:38 pm

Thank you for the comment. A 25 year old beer doesn’t sound safe. We’ve never heard of Ocean Ale before but will check with the brewers at Echigo beer in the morning.

If you have a picture, we could create a database of past craft beers of years gone by?


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