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Aomori Ji-Beer Information

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Aomori Ji-Beer Logo

Aomori Ji-Beer is a microbrewery located in Uekita, Aomori, Japan. Like many other breweries in Japan, Aomori Ji-Beer started out as a sake brewer and branched out into beer production soon after the Japanese government reduced the requirements for beer production in 1994. They also have the honour of being the first temple in Japan to have a brewery on site as well.

Aomori Ji-Beer Main Lineup

The following are part of Aomori Ji-Beer’s all year round range of beers:

  • Aomori Apple Draft – a 5.5% fruit beer made with less than 25% malt, making it a happo-shu grade beer, along with apple juice and extract from locally sourced apples from the Aomori region.
  • Aomori Cassis Draft – a 5% fruit beer and deemed a happoshu due it being made with less than 25% malt. The rest of the mix is from cassis juice and extract, which is also known as black currants.
  • Aomori Pilsner – a 5% pilsner and is also deemed a happoshu for the same reasons above.
  • Aomori Osorezan Bitter – a 5% English bitter and is deemed a happoshu beer as it is brewed from only 91% malt with the other 9% being from barley.
  • Aomori Osoresan Lager Beer – a 5.5% lager and was also the first microbrew from a temple in Japan.
  • Aomori Osorezan Stout a 5% English stout and is also deemed a happoshu for the same reasons above.
  • Aomori Pale Ale – a 5% English pale ale and is brewed using malt, barley, and hops though the grain bill is less than 25% malt and thus is classified as a happoshu.
  • Aomori Jifubuki Beer – a 5% pilsner and was first made and released on the 100th anniversary of Osamu Dazai’s birth in 2009.
  • Aomori Garlic Black Ale – a 5% stout brewed using fresh roasted garlic from Aomori and also included garlic flavouring as well.
  • Aomori Yama Budo Beer – a 5% fruit beer and uses locally sourced grapes that are harvested, crushed, and then then into the secondary fermentation stage of brewing.

Aomori Ji-Beer Details

Address: 23-15 Akasaka, Nobechiho, Uekita-gun, Aomori, 039-3116


Phone: 0175-64-2893

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.applet1181.jp/furusatobin/aomori-zibeer/index.html

Online Store: http://www.applet1181.jp/furusatobin/aomori-zibeer/index.html

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