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Daisen G Beer Information

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Daisen G Beer Front

Daisen G Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Tottori prefecture, in the Chugoku region, just north of Okayama. Located at the base of Mt. Daisen, which is more commonly known as Hōkifuji in the area, the brewery opened in 1997 as an off-shoot of the sake producing company Kumezakura Shuzō and San-in Sanso Corporation, a company that deals with high-pressure gas. The local area is famous for its clear spring water, sourced from the snow at the top of the mountain, and its black soil, kuroboku in Japanese, which is said to be some of the most fertile in Japan. This fertile soil has resulted in Daisen G Beer being able to grow its own barley, in the form of Daisen Gold, in the spring; Daisen G Beer’s own hops, called Weihen Hop, which are harvested in the summer, and also Yamadanishiki, a sake yeast that is used in the production of the beers such as Daisen G Yagō.

Daisen G Beer Main Lineup

The following beers are part of the all-year round lineup:

  • Daisen G Pale Ale – A 4.5% pale ale that is based on a traditional English recipe.
  • Daisen G Pilsner – A 5% Czech pilsner that has won multiple awards around the world.
  • Daisen G Stout – A 5.5% English-style stout.
  • Daisen G Weizen – A 5% German style hefeweizen that won gold at the World Beer Awards in 2011.

Daisen G Beer Limited Edition and Seasonal Lineup

The following beers are part of the limited edition and seasonal lineup:

  • Daisen G Barleywine – A 9% barleywine that evolved into the Daisen G Wheat Wine.
  • Daisen G Belgian Brown – A 5.5% Belgian Brown  brewed using Belgian saison yeast instead of a regular Belgian trappist ale yeast.
  • Daisen G Bock – A 6.5% bock beer part of their autumn seasonal lineup and is usually on sale towards the end of the season.
  • Daisen G Citra De Weiss – A 5.5% hefeweizen brewed using Citra hops from the USA.
  • Daisen G Daisen Gold – A 6% light ale that uses organically grown barley from the Daisen G Beer area. Released in summer.
  • Daisen G Doppelbock – An 8% doppelbock brewed to a traditional German recipe.
  • Daisen G Dubbel – A 7.5% dubbel that is part of their autumn / winter seasonal lineup and is brewed using imported French Barbe Rouge hops, and the inspiration behind the beer came from a trip the brewers took to Belgium.
  • Daisen G Beer European Amber – A 6% American Amber but uses European hops.
  • Daisen G Grand Saison – A 5.5%  Belgian saison that uses New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops. Released in summer.
  • Daisen G Imperial Stout – A 9% imperial stout that is produced annually and released in late winter. Released in winter.
  • Daisen G Kohaku Weiss – A 5.5% German hefeweizen though Kohaku, which means amber in English, is used to differentiate this from their regular weizen.
  • Daisen G Rauch Weizen – A 7% smoked weizen brewed with wheat malt and smoked malt which has been smoked using wood from beech trees.
  • Daisen G Rice De Weiss – A 5% rice weizen that uses sake rice known as “Yamada Nishiki” which is cultivated in the Yasato area at the foot of Mount Daisen.
  • Daisen G Session Yagou – A 5.5% American pale ale brewed using locally sourced rice from Japan with the Yamadashiki strain being heavily utilised during brewing.
  • Daisen G Scottish Ale – A 6% Scottish ale that has seen its abv increase over the years from 4.5%
  • Daisen G Weihen Hop – A 6% wheat ale brewed using locally sourced hops from Oyama every summer before being dried and then used in the beer. The word “weihen” is German for “consecrate” or “affection”.
  • Daisen G Weizenbock – A 7.5% German weizenbock that is released in December.
  • Daisen G Wheat Wine  – A 9% wheat wine that has the same recipe as the barleywine except for wheat being used instead of barley.
  • Daisen G Yagõ – A 7% speciality pale ale that is fermented with sake yeast instead of traditional beer yeast. Released in winter.
  • Daisen G Yago Aki Agari – A 7% rice lager brewed using locally sourced Yamada-nishiki sake rice and is the aged version of their Yago beer.

Daisen G Beer Details

Address: 〒689-4108 Tottori-ken, Saihaku-gun, Hōki-chō 1740-30

Homepage (in Japanese): http://g-beer.jp/gbeer/

Online Store (in Japanese): http://gbeer.ocnk.net/

Social Network: Facebook

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