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Aqula Beer Information

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Aqula Beer Lineup

Aqula Beer, written as あくらビール in Japanese, is a craft beer brewery located in Akita city, in Akita prefecture, Tohoku. It opened in 1997 under the stewardship of a German brewer, whose name has been lost, though current head brewer Hasegawa-san, has been head brewer at Aqula since 2007. The original beers from Aqula Beer were based on German styles, such as pilsners, weizens, and weizenbocks but under the guidance of Hasegawa-san, they recipes have been influenced by American IPAs and also Belgian IPAs, along with new wheat styles as well.

Aqula Beer Main Lineup

The following beers are part of the all-year round range of beers:

  • Aqula Akita Bijin Ale / Aqula Nme Neigaa Beer – a 5% Munich helles style beer that is brewed with collagen to help improve your skin. Supposedly. The Nme Neigaa Beer uses the local character from Akita that is popular with kids.
  • Aqula Kawabata Lager – a 5% German style pilsner.
  • Aqula Namahage Bock – a 7% traditional German dunkler bock style beer which is aged over several months

Aqula Beer Limited Edition and Seasonal Lineup

The following beers are part of the limited edition and seasonal lineup:

  • Aqula Schokoladen Bier – a 7.5% triple bock brewed to a traditional Bavarian recipe. Available in Winter.
  • Aqula Sakura Kobo Wheat – a 5% wheat ale brewed using sake yeast and cherry blossoms. Available in Spring

Aqula Beer Details

Address: 〒010-0921 Akita-ken, Akita-shi, Oomachi 1-2-40

Phone: 018-862-1841

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.aqula.co.jp/

Online store: http://aqula.shop-pro.jp/

Social Network: Facebook / Twitter

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