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Atsugi Beer Information

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Atsugi Beer Lineup

Atsugi Beer is a brewery located in Atsugi-shi, western Kanagawa and was founded in 1997. The owner and head brewer, Mochizuki-san, first discovered beer on a trip to Germany on his honeymoon which convinced him about the craftsmanship and dedication needed in making beer. His first brewery experience was with a winery, Yamato Budōshū in Yamanashi, which eventually branched out into making German style pilsners. Atsugi Beer also do contract brewing as well, with the Thashzone Brew Labo Hopslave being one of the most well known contact beers.

Atsugi Beer Main Lineup

The following beers are part of Atsugi Beer’s all-year round lineup:

  • Atsugi Lager – a 5% German style pilsner that has been aged before going on sale.
  • Atsugi White Ale – a 4% witbier that is best served at less than 10°c.
  • Atsugi Honey Ale – a 5% English bitter that is brewed with fresh honey. It won silver in the 1998 International Beer Competition.
  • Atsugi Shiso Ale – a 6% spiced / herb beer that uses locally sourced red shiso, perilla leaf, from the Atsugi area. It won silver in the 1998 International Beer Competition.
  • Atusgi Stout – a 6.5% stout that uses a traditional English recipe. It won silver at the 2006 Japan Beer Cup.
  • Atusgi Hachey – a 5% spiced / herb beer that uses honey sourced from the Yokohama area.
  • Atsugi Camden IPA – a 5% session IPA brewed for the Beer Pub Camden range of bars in Tokyo.

Atsugi Beer Logo Limited Edition and Seasonal Lineup

The following beers are part of the limited edition and seasonal lineup from Atsugi Beer.

  • Atsugi Framboise – an 8% fruit lambic beer that is on sale from autumn onwards.
  • Atsugi Hopslave – a 9% double-IPA that is brewed in conjunction with Thrashzone Brew Labo.

Atsugi Beer Details

Address: 〒243-0004 Kanagawa-ken, Atsugi-shi,  Mizuhiki 2-12-36

Phone: 046-223-1515

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.atsugi.to/

Online store: http://www.atsugi.to/mart/index.html

Social Network: Facebook

Atsugi Beer Articls

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