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Awa Beer Information

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Awa Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Chiba, Japan and opened in 1998. Awa Beer uses 100% malt, non-heat treated, and their beers are also unfiltered so the bottles undergo secondary conditioning in the bottle from the yeast. Awa Beer uses only malt and hops from Canada or Germany and they do not use any adjuncts in the majority of their beers. In addition, their fruit ales, classified as happoshus, such as blueberry ale and strawberry ale use fruit from local southern Boso.

Awa Beer Main Lineup

The following are part of Awa Beer’s all-year round lineup.

  • Awa Amber Ale – a 5% amber ale that uses caramel malt.
  • Awa Pale Ale – a 5% English style pale ale
  • Awa Dark Ale – a 5% schwarzbier that used roasted malt in the mashing process.
  • Awa Hotaru Rice Weiss – a 5% wheat ale that uses locally sourced rice in the mash.
  • Awa Blueberry Ale – a 5% fruit beer that uses blueberries sourced from the Boso peninsula.

Awa Beer Details

Address: 394-1 Yamukai, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 294-0813

Phone: 0470-36-4231


Homepage (in Japanese): http://beer.awa.or.jp/

Online store: http://beer.awa.or.jp/order/order.html

SNS: Facebook

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