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Akari Brewing Information

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Akari Brewing is a Japanese microbrewery located in Imaichi city, in Tottori, in Japan and the brewery started out in May 2018. The area around Akari Brewing was developed as a castle town around Kano Castle during the Sengoku period. It’s name then changed to Shikason from the early Meiji era, then renamed Shikano-cho, Ketaka-gun, and was transferred to Tottori City by the merger of municipalities on November 1, 2004. Akari Brewing uses British malt and American hops, with water sourced from Mt. Jubu.

The brewery was set up mainly by a local town revitalization organization that operates in Tokatori City, Tottori Prefecture. A group of people from Kano Town, mainly in their thirties, came together to create “Akari Honganshu” with the aim of planning and execution of events and activities to preserve and convey the traditions of Kano. At the time of writing, Akari Brewing uses a 160L system, one of the smallest in Japan at the time of writing, though there are plans to upgrade.

Akari Brewing Lineup

The following are part of Akari Brewing’s bottled lineup:

  • Akari Ginger Brown Ale – a 4.5% spiced beer brewed with 100% Nikko ginger that has been aged for 5 months before being cut up and added to the beer post fermentation.
  • Akari John Smith – a 6% NE-IPA brewed using English Maris Otter malts and also contains both grapefruit peel and juice as part of the adjunct lineup.
  • Akari The Devil – a 7% milk stout brewed using lactose, imported cacao beans, as well as imported vanilla beans and cinnamon too.

Akari Brewing Details

Address: 78 Shikanocho Imaichi, Tottori, 689-0425


Phone: 0857-35-0532

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Brewery Store: https://akaribrewing.thebase.in/

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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