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Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka is a craft brewery located in Chitose, in Hokkaido, Japan. The brewery opened up in August 1998 close to what is now Shin Chitose Airport. The brewery takes its name “pirikawakka”, which means “clean water” in English, from the local Ainu language. According to the brewery homepage, the water supply has been voted to be one of Japan’s best though with the amount of awards given out in Japan for random events and occurrences, it’s worth taking this one with a pinch of salt. However, in 2009, the original brewery closed down, and was taken over by a new parent holding company yet they reamined consistent with the recipes and still do to this day.

Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka Lineup

The following are part of Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka’s all-year round lineup.

  • Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka Pilsner – a 5% German pilsner brewed using imported German malts and hops.
  • Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka Weizen – a 5.5% German weizen brewed to a traditional Bavarian recipe.
  • Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka Stout – a 5% English stout that uses imported English malt.

Hokkaido Beer Pirikawakka Details

Address: 1 Chome-7-1 Tōkō, Chitose-shi, Hokkaidō 066-0021

Phone: 0123-26-0071

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.hokkaido-honpo.jp/products.html

Brewery Store: http://www.hokkaido-honpo.jp/products.html


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