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Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer Information

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Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Fuji city, in Shizuoka, Japan. The brewery opened April 2018, and have been bottling their beers since late 2018. One of the aim’s of Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer is to use as much local produce as possible in their beers from the Fujinomiya area in the future, though right now, the majority of the ingredients are imported from the US, Germany, and the UK while also using American, British, German and Czech hops. The water is brewed using 100% spring water from the Fuji aquifer that lies immediately under the city.

Their first beer was actually made using malt and hops grown in the Shizuoka area; however, it was only a 500L batch of golden ale and is yet to be repeated at the time of writing. Their second batch, brewed at Gotemba Kogen, was a much larger batch of 2000L using Shizuoka malt, and some locally grown hops as well.

Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer Lineup

The following are some of Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer’s. We’ll add to this list as we drink more.

Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer Details

Address: 12-20 Miyachō, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka 418-0067


Phone: 0544-66-0399

Homepage (in Japanese):

Brewery Store: N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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