Tama no Megumi Japan Beer by Ishikawa Brewery

Tama no Megumi Japan Beer

I spotted this interesting looking beer in a local Mine Mart. Neither Rob nor I knew anything about Tama no Megumi Japan Beer, which is not a surprise for me but my jaw hit the tatami when Rob didn’t have a clue either. According to the back of the bottle – always a good place to look – the brewery, …


Hitachino Nest XH by Kiuchi Brewery

Hitachino XH

Hitachino XH, which stands for eXtra High, is a premium strength Belgian style beer that is further matured in shochu barrels, that will assault you, pin you down, and punish you like the weak-willed drinker that you are. It comes in a fancy delicate bottle; however, it is this deception that Hitachino XH fools you with. Hitachino XH Aroma & Taste …

Kinshachi Nagoya Aka Miso Lager by Morita Kinshachi brewery

Nagoya Aka Miso Lager

Kinshachi’s Nagoya Aka Miso Lager is part of their standard range, and is their most-decorated beer in both the Japan Asia Beer Cup and International Beer Competition. What kind of beer is it though? Can a beer flavoured with miso paste be worthy of 7 awards to date? Only one way to find out! Nagoya Aka Miso Lager Aroma and …

Sankt Gallen Sweet Vanilla Stout by Sankt Gallen

Sweet Vanilla Stout

Japanese breweries tend to produce sweeter beers around Valentine’s Day in the hope of enticing new customers to share the love; this Sweet Vanilla Stout by Sankt Gallen, while brewed all year round, is no exception. Made with fresh vanilla, it is technically a happoshu (like the Coedo Beniaka reviewed here); however, it still contains the essential ingredient: alcohol. Wait …

Shiga Kogen Indian Summer Saison by Shiga Kogen

Shiga Kogen Indian Summer Saison

Saisons are one of the two beers I have generally avoided since getting into the craft beer world. Lagers, I have cast out of my sphere of beer drinkitude due to the fact that their reputation has been forever tainted by countless Big Four dishwater excretions. A more personal reason is behind the saison’s pariah status in my beer parish, …

Rokko Pilsner by Rokko Craft Brewery

Rokko Pilsner Beer

A recent discovery in Kanto for me, I managed to find a bottle of Rokko Pilsner hiding in Tokyu Hands in Yokohama. I last had it in 2013 when I was in Kobe for work and had not been able to find it since. Rokko is a 5% Czech style pilsner that is the brewery’s flagship beer. Rokko Pilsner Aroma …


Kinshachi Blue Label by Kinshachi Beer

Kinshachi blue label

Coming out of Kinshachi, Nagoya, Kinshachi Blue label is a pilsner style beer that has won five awards over the last decade around the world: four golds awards at the International Beer Convention and also at the Japan cup, and one silver award as well. So this must be a good beer, right? Kinshachi Blue Label Aroma and Taste Kinshachi Blue Label pours …


Minoh Weizen by Minoh Beer

Minoh Weizen

Mionh Weizen is another award-winning beer from Minoh Beer, having won first place in 2003 and in 2004 in the best weizen category at the Japan Beer Festival in Osaka. Along with the rest of Minoh’s range, the Minoh Weizen is slowly making inroads into the Kanto area. Minoh Weizen Aroma and Taste Minoh Weizen pours our extremely well, with …

Kaze Soyogu Pils by Tazawako Kohan no Mori

kazesoyogo pils

Kaze Soyogu Pils is sold at Queens Isetan stores across Japan, and is brewed by Tazawako Kohan no Mori. It is an award-winning beer for best-testing pilsner in Japan. The bottle comes in two variations: one with a tree, as seen below, and also an own-brand Queens Isetan label, by Green Q. Kaze Soyogu Pils Aroma and Taste Kaze Soyogu Pils pours cloudy with a cream, …

Shiga Kogen Pale Ale by Shiga Kogen Beer

Shiga Kogen Pale Ale

I’d just flown back to the mainland from Okinawa (arms tired, ho ho) and wanted a nice, light beer to refresh myself. I went for the Shiga Kogen Pale Ale by Shiga Kogen Beer and tried to formulate some thoughts before I collapsed from exhaustion. Shiga Kogen Pale Ale Aroma and Taste This beer pours smooth with no head, which …