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Okinawa Sango Beer Saison by Nanto Brewery

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Okinawa Sango Beer Saison is a 4.5% saison brewed by Nanto Brewery. It has, according to the bottle, a “juicy aroma and fruity sourness”, and is brewed using spring water from nearby Gyokusendo limestone cavern.

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison Aroma and Taste

I never learn, do I? I’m just a glutton for punishment. And beer. I desperately want to find a saison that doesn’t churn up my guts like a hedge trimmer. I’ve been unsuccessful as of yet. I’ll never stop trying, though. You would not believe how carefully I poured this into my glass to avoid getting any sediment in it.

(I recently read an article about serving beer that claimed “drinking the sediment will not harm you”. I wanted to make the author walk a mile in… my… er… stomach? Dear reader, the sediment both tastes bad, and, if you’re anything like me, and if said sediment is in a Belgian-y, farmhouse-y, funky beer, it will give you heartburn so bad that your back will hurt. Don’t believe everything you read.)


So, after pouring this out like a gallon of nitroglycerin into a barrel of ferrets and dynamite, what have we got?

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison is an opaque-esque yellow with a centimetre of bright white foam, the nose is faint (lots of beers are faint-smelling to me these days, my son is eating big boy food now, so I think my olfactory senses have been deadened by his extinction-level trouser events), but there’s a whiff of sour fruit and estery danger.

It tastes surprisingly malty for a saison- that is, it tastes malty– and as the bottle said, there’s a fruity sourness. It’s quite light and dry too, and bitter.

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison The Bottom Line

This is actually quite nice! It’s fruity and a bit sour, and the dry and light taste means it doesn’t sit in my stomach like a lead cheeseburger. I’m always impressed that Nanto Brewery can make such nice beers when they’re located in a theme park where you can have your photo taken in bed with a python that may or may not bite you.

Where to Buy Okinawa Sango Beer Saison

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison can be bought online at the following places

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