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Okinawa IPA by Nanto Brewery

by BeerTengoku Writer

Two in one night! slow down Robson, you’ll give yourself a Tony Hart attack! Okinawa must have some kind of positive effect on my writing ability. Every time I get a bit of writer’s block, I’ll just crack open a delicious can of Goya Dry, stick a sea cucumber in a big cigarette holder like Hunter S. Thompson and get writing on my typewriter made from shells and aloha shirts. Nanto Brewery is located in an Okinawa-themed park on Okinawa called Okinawa World. Okinawa IPA is brewed onsite in Okinawa World (Stop saying Okinawa in there), alongside the brewery’s other “Hard”, “Soft” and “Black Ale” regular beers. It seems to be your usual rotating specialty beer, as it’s the first time I’ve seen it available.

Okinawa IPA

A totally tropical island IPA from Nanto brewery

Okinawa IPA Aroma and Taste

Okinawa IPA pours out with a big frothy head. The nose is flowery, sweet-ish and fruity, reminding me of mango, citrus, and tropical fruit. Down the hatch it goes, then, with a heavy back-loaded flavour. All of the hoppy bitterness is in the back of your mouth, and there’s a lavender-esque pungency as well. There are definitely a lot of hops in, under, over and around this beer. There’s very little maltiness, too, which makes it refreshingly light and easy to drink. It’s not going to burn a hole in your curtains, this one. At 5% ABV, you’ll be able to drink a few of these and still write a review of it for your website. If you were so inclined.

Okinawa IPA One-Line Review

A light, fruity and sweet IPA, with a bitter and refreshing kick. Get it while it’s still around!

Okinawa IPA Second Opinion

I was so shocked that Joe managed to dust off his old typewriter for a review that I had to try this – and you know what, he’s bang on with the review. Though the bitterness if pretty strong due to the citrus-like qualities so be warned. It was potent kick to the tastebuds which he failed to warn me about. Perhaps revenge for all those dodgy touristy beers.


Where to Buy Okinawa IPA

Okinawa IPA can be bought at the following places online:

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Oliver May 18, 2016 - 9:23 pm

I found a bottle at Seijo Ishii in Kanayama yesterday. Not a bad beer, but too bitter and not hoppy enough I think, could not really taste any fruits. I would rather not buy it again.

Joe Robson June 3, 2016 - 3:47 pm

Interesting- I got mine straight from the brewery so maybe mine was a fresher bottle? Hmm. Seijo Ishii near me also has it, think I’ll see if it’s as you say! Thanks for your comment!


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