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Hanasaki Butcher’s Store in Sakuragicho, Yokohama

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Hanasaki Butcher’s Store The Bottom Line

Calling Hanasaki Butcher’s Store a craft beer bar is a stretch by any imagination, but it’s still worth coming here for some cracking food and beers – as long as you eat meat. While there are some vegetarian options on the menu, there’s not going to be enough to really satisfy you. The whole bar is non-smoking and there is also some free WiFi going. Surprisingly, there is no table charge and all but the chalkboard drinks menu is bilingual; however, the staff will help you out on the drinks menu. I’ll definitely be back here again to get some steaks but also some cassava fries. The prices do not include tax unfortunately.

Hanasaki Butcher's Store Inside・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストア店内

Hanasaki Butcher’s Store The Full Review

Hanasaki Butcher’s Store opened in September 2016, and since then, have been supplying Argentinian-style BBQ in the area – though without your traditional approach to a butcher’s. When you think of a butcher’s, perhaps you think of somewhere you go into with big refrigeration units with huge slabs of meat inside them and carcasses hanging behind the counter. Sausage wheels that are ready to be picked up and bought, alongside steaks that are pre-cut and ready for cooking. Hanasaki Butcher’s Store couldn’t be further from that image – there’s no hanging meat inside, nor any sausages.

Inside, there’s space for about 30 people, with 15 people situated around the horseshoe shaped bar overlooking the kitchen and another 16 people at table dotted around the bar. The whole place is non-smoking, even in the kitchen there’s no smoke given off from the meats as they cook thanks to the extractor fans, and there is also no table charge either. The atmosphere is very relaxed though – some country-style music going on which follows the theme of all the staff wearing cowboy-like clothing – no chaps needed though for entry. For those wanting to use their translation tools just in case, there is also some free wifi going in the bar.

Hanasaki Butcher's Store Beer 1・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアビール1Hanasaki Butcher's Store Beer 2・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアビール2Hanasaki Butcher's Store Beer 3・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアビール3

While Hanasaki Butcher’s Store advertises itself as having craft beer on tap, and at times being a craft beer bar, there are only two taps of domestic craft beer on the go at any one time – so a bit tenuous to call it a craft beer bar. The beers come in two sizes: small (240ml) for ¥600 and regular (470ml) for ¥950. There is no happy hour nor any beer flights – there are only two taps of beer so surely you don’t need to have one of those. It would have been nice to have had a happy hour though. Just a small point to remember that the prices do not include the mandatory 10% tax though so factor that in before you go crazy and order away.

Hanasaki Butcher's Store Food 2・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアフード2Hanasaki Butcher's Store Food 3・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアフード3Hanasaki Butcher's Store Food 4・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアフード4Hanasaki Butcher's Store Food 5・ハナサキ ブッチャーズ ストアフード5

However, the real reason for coming to Hanasaki Butcher’s Store was to have some meat – and meat we had. There are plenty of options on the menu for cuts of meat, with the helpfully labelled cow using foreign names of meat cuts, rather than the actual Japanese name for them. Most surprisingly, Hanasaki Butcher’s Store also had a few small vegetarian dishes available but probably not enough to fill someone up. All of the food menus are bilingual so there’s no problem with ordering anything without a random word to it. The only downside to ordering meat was that I wasn’t asked how I wanted the meat cooked – but the staff must have known as it came up perfectly done for my liking.

Hanasaki Butcher’s Store Details

Open: Weekdays 12:00 – 15:00 (L.O Food 14:00 Drink 14:30) 17:00 – 23:30 (L.O Food 22:30 Drink 23:00) Weekends & National Holidays 11:30 – 15:00 (L.O Food 14:00 Drink 14:30) 17:00 – 23:30 (L.O Food 22:30 Drink 23:00)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 045-250-3774

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: Facebook

How to Get to Hanasaki Butcher’s Store

The closest station to Hanasaki Butcher’s Store it Sakuragicho [Keihin-Tohoku / Yokohama Line / Yokohama Blue Line]

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